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This is the place for the latest and greatest industrial strategies and tactics for the business development professional!

About The Industrial Dojo

Here in the Dojo we are about business tactics that focus on educational Speed, Conditioning, Discipline and Adaptation to Industry's changing conditions.  We want the Industrial Professional to be effectively equipped for all variables and opportunities within the Industrial Market.  We aggressively cover Industrial topics that include:

  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Sales, Marketing, Branding
  • Leadership and Culture

All are presented with concrete and applicable industrial solutions to maximize your investment of valuable time and energy!


Mr. Ruben Stancel Discusses building a Seamless EAM platform

07/24/2019 |

In this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast, Ruben Stancel, Director of Sales at Infor, discusses the power and flexibility of a seamless Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”). Ruben talks flexibility of InforEAM to connect to existing legacy systems and leverage Mobility applications and the Cloud to effect rapid and positive change. Find out more about Ruben…

Mr. Mark Board discusses the positive impact Infor EAM has on the energy market

07/22/2019 |

In this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast, Mark Board, SVP and GM of the Oil/Gas, Utilities and Mining at Infor, discusses the positive impact InforEAM, Mobile applications and the Cloud are having on the energy markets in streamlining operational processes and providing valuable operational insights. Find out more about Mark by the links below and…

Podcasting 101 – Physical Tools

06/11/2019 |
Equipment for Podcasting

In this episode we talk about the physical tools you will need to sound great as a podcaster! Everything you need is below. Remember to listen to the first Podcast-101 Episode defining your Reason and Market (Link Below). As always, let me know how I can be of any help. Happy Podcasting. OTHER INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES: Documentation Of Podcasting Equipment: Download Here…

Industrial Podcasting 101 – The Reason

06/04/2019 |
Podcasting Power

The Power of Podcasting! Do You Like: Win/Win strategies for your Customers/Prospects/Partners ? Gaining REAL insights into the challenges your Customers/Prospects/Partners face each day? The opportunity to take the insights and solve your Customers/Prospects/Partners problems ? This is what Podcasting can provide. It is a powerful lead generation strategy that builds lasting Bonds between you and your…

Industrial Marketing: Industrial Buyers Are Changing Dramatically

05/04/2019 |

Douglas Burdett with Artillery Marketing drops major Industrial Marketing value bombs! In this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast, Douglas expands on the fact that the way industrial buyers buy has changed dramatically! Take note, if you are not heavily invested in implementing and learning about Industrial Marketing and the power of digital platforms positive impact your…

Industrial Sales: Industrial SEO With Richard Fong

04/10/2019 |
Search Engine Optimization

Industrial sales truth bombs: 1. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 2. 81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase. 3. 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines (Junto, April 8th, 2019). Bottom-line, if you are not on the first page of the search results you are losing…

Industrial Leadership: Overcoming Failure!

04/09/2019 |
To Innovate You Must Fail

To Innovate You Must Be Free To Fail! Failure is part of moving forward, it's part of Innovation. Industry changes the world through Innovation and work. In this episode of Industrial Talk we talk about the 90/10 rule and the need to freely Fail. YOUR INDUSTRIAL DIGITAL TOOLBOX: Bliss Drive: https://www.blissdrive.com/ Feedly: https://feedly.com Active Campaign: https://www.activecampaign.com/ BombBomb: https://bombbomb.com/ Social Jukebox: https://www.socialjukebox.com/ OTHER…

Industrial Leadership: Industrial Coaching

04/05/2019 |
Elite Industrial Professional

No Frills Industrial Coaching or Mentoring As Elite Industrial Professionals or Companies you need a Coach/Mentor. Not someone that strokes your ego or makes you feel warm and fuzzy, that is a waste of time and money! You need someone that is painfully honest and shines a spotlight on areas that need improving to take you and…

Industrial Sales: Optimizing Your CRM Using AI With Adam Honig

04/03/2019 |
Nobody Likes Their CRM

Keeping Your Industrial CRM Up To Date with AI How many Industrial Pros like their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System? The biggest complaint has to be “keeping it up to date with current information”. It doesn't take long for the customer data to be out of date and worthless. Therefore, companies invest $$$ on a CRM with little…

Industrial Leadership: Intense Focus

04/02/2019 |
Succeed with Intense Focus

As Elite Industrial Professionals we must have Intense Focus on the task at hand. To excel, we must be Intensely Focused on the tasks that move us and the company forward. As a guilty party, many of us are distracted by email inbound noise and shiny objects. Professionals with Intense Focus are disciplined to avoid distractions and with…