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About Infor Energizing EAM Podcast

As a maintenance leader, your biggest challenges are eliminating downtime, preventing equipment breakdowns, and determining the most profitable way to prioritize resources to best support your business. When your daily operations run into unforeseen issues or improper planning (not having the right equipment, technicians, or tools in place when needed), it can cost millions in lost productivity.

There are a host of emerging technologies that can advance your maintenance maturity and streamline your reliability strategies: AI, BI, IoT, drones, mobile devices, cloud computing and others that empower true digital transformation. Infor EAM is best-in-class enterprise asset management software—purpose-built for growing maintenance organizations like yours. It’s highly configurable, yet fulfills most of your needs right out of the box.

Here at Infor EAM Radio we want to equip you with the knowledge, business strategies and tactics that focus on educational speed, conditioning, discipline, and adaptation to be successful within the industrial market. All our podcasts are presented with concrete and applicable industrial solutions to maximize your investment of valuable time and energy.

Mr. Joe Pascaretta discusses the Power of Data Lakes

11/12/2019 |

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Joe Pascaretta. In this interview, Joe talks about the power of InforOS and the ability to aggregate data from multiple sources to powerfully gain insights into your business. Find out more about Joe and the suite of Infor Products by the links below. Also, get your free InforEAM…

Mr. Clay Bush Discusses the Public Sector and how to value Existing Assets

11/11/2019 |

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Clay Bush, President of Stratum Consulting. In this interview, Clay talks about how to properly value existing long-term assets and the strategy for deploying new assets in the public sector. Find out more about Clay and his company by the links below. Also, get your free InforEAM Toolkit, exclusive…

Mr. Max Efimov Discusses Industry 4.0 and the impact on your business

11/05/2019 |

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Max Efimov, Principle Director at Accenture. In this interview, Max talks about the impact Industry 4.0 will have on you and your industrial business. It's happening and you can't ignore what is taking place in the industrial world around you! Find out more about Max by the links below and…

Mr. Bob Hersh Discusses Capital Allocation to Productive Assets

11/05/2019 |

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Bob Hersh, Partner at Grant Thornton. In this interview, Bob discusses the steps necessary to properly allocate precious capital to productive assets. This is a must listen-to podcast if you are interested in achieving the greatest “bang” for your industrial buck. Find out more about Bob by the links below…

Mr. Marty Osborn Discusses the 7 Essentials for Success

11/05/2019 |

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Marty Osborn, Partner at Advoco, Inc. In this interview, Marty passionately communicates the 7 Essentials for Industrial Success. Find out more about Marty by the links below and reach out to connect. Also, get your free InforEAM Toolkit, exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and free webinar access to…

Mr. Soma discussing the powerful strategic vision of Infor and its technology platform.

10/22/2019 |

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Soma Somasundaram, President and CTO at Infor. In this interview, Soma discusses how Infor is at the cutting edge of enterprise technology and how this passion for innovation will transform how industry will succeed today and in the future! Find out more about Soma and Infor by the…

Mrs. Heather Preu Discusses Customer Infor EAM Use and Improved Asset Safety

10/22/2019 |

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Heather Preu, SVP and GM of Global Solutions at Infor. In this interview, Heather delivers the passion of InforEAM, the flexibility and scalable capabilities of the Infor platform and how customers, of any size, are benefiting from this powerful platform by creating a safer and more insightful…

Mr. Eric Faith Discusses EAM Continuous Improvement In The Beverage Market

07/25/2019 |

In this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast, Eric Faith, Vice President at Stratum Consulting Partners, discusses deploying continuous improvement results in the beverage industry by leveraging Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”) solutions to facilitate long-term operational success. Stratum Consulting Partners is an Alliance Partner with Infor and Eric brings a wealth of EAM knowledge and…

Mr. Ruben Stancel Discusses building a Seamless EAM platform

07/24/2019 |

In this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast, Ruben Stancel, Director of Sales at Infor, discusses the power and flexibility of a seamless Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”). Ruben talks flexibility of InforEAM to connect to existing legacy systems and leverage Mobility applications and the Cloud to effect rapid and positive change. Find out more about Ruben…

Mr. Kevin Price Discusses The Future of EAM In Industry

07/24/2019 |

In this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast, Kevin Price, Technical Product Evangelist and Product Strategist at Infor, dives deep into the future of Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”) solutions. Kevin draws from his extensive EAM experience of the past and lays out a bright and exciting future of a dynamic InforEAM, Mobility and Cloud solutions. Find…

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