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Inforum Interview Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to bring out the Real You and Your Professional Knowledge! - Look Forward to Our Inforum Conversation and Having Fun!


The Goal - Lets Have FUN:

Our goal is to help and elevate Industry Professionals like you and your respective companies.  To do that, we want to inform, educate and entertain, while always attempting to over deliver for our audience.  We do that by being prepared.  Please review the following questions and provide any details necessary so that we can provide great value to our listeners.

Pre-Interview Questions - Lets Get Real!

The following questions will highlight you and your experience.  Please do not exclude, if applicable, the following:

  1. Are you a publish author?  Where can I find the book?
  2. All methods of contact for our listeners.
  3. Do you have any lists or articles that can be shared for our listeners?
  4. Please provide a high-resolution photo or head-shot (png, jpeg or a link to it)
  5. To the best of your ability, fill-out the following questions.  It is vital for our show notes.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT!  To optimize the digital reach of your Podcast, please select the icons below and follow Industrial Talk.  Our automation will continue to publish your Podcast - we don't want you to miss the marketing opportunity.


Please Fill-out Form Below:

  • Needed for pre-interview discussion and if we get disconnected during the podcast
  • I mail books and thank you cards for participating on the Industrial Talk Podcast. This will be the only use.
  • Your answer will guide the conversation. Your podcast is an asset to you and your company. It is designed to open opportunities. After the podcast, you will be able to share your podcast to your targeted prospects and customers.
  • What is the problem you think you can solve for your potential Customer?
  • What are the specific ways people will use this product or service to solve their problem?
  • Give a detailed explanation of the technology/solution? What does it do now and what else is it capable of doing?
  • How will your product or service change business for your customers? Will it increase their return on investment or reduce costs in a significant way? Or dies it allow them to do something that couldn't have been done with prior technology, creating a huge value?
  • Enterprise companies should articulate how the product or solutions will make its way to the market. Through CRM, Distribution Partners, Both? How will users find out about your solution?....
  • This will help me guide the questions and achieve your Podcast Objectives.
  • Personal FacebookCompany FacebookPersonal LinkedInCompany LinkedInInstagramTwitter 
    Please share your Social Media Platforms, the exact link. We will use during our promotion of your Podcast Asset.
  • This is important to support your knowledge of the topic and provide actionable content for the Listeners.
  • This is the human side of who you are.
  • I need your headshot for the graphics we produce for your podcast.