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"Learning and innovation go hand in hand.  The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow"

William Pollard, Physicist

Client Feedback

Entertaining AND Enlightening

05/06/2019 10:58 AM by The Marketing Book Podcast from United States

If you are in any way related to the industrial world, you owe to your career and business to tune into this high-energy, entertaining podcast. You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll laugh at what a character the host Scott MacKenzie is you'll cry that you didn't start listening to this gem of a show sooner!

If you make stuff, listen to Scott

04/16/2019 5:46 AM by InboundGuy from United States

Thanks for creating this much needed podcast for the industrial world. Too many industrial companies are not getting it - Scott will help you understand how to attract, engage, and win industrial customers today. We can't keep doing the same things and expect modern, empowered, educated buyers to pay attention. Learn from Scott and his guests how to move you business forward. Well done Scott!

The full package

03/21/2019 4:23 PM by Crisis Intelligence from United States

This podcast is full of energy. I listen to so many and some interviews are sometimes slow, not this one. Keep up the fantastic work!


03/12/2019 11:02 PM by likendor from United States

Awesome podcast show.Thank you

Ed's Great Adventure With Scott

03/12/2019 7:27 PM by Boomer walker from United States

Two weeks ago I was Scott's guest for an episode of Industrial Talk. I've been fortunate to be on several podcasts and Industrial Talk is top shelf. Scott's passion for all things industrial is infectious and he's a true professional in what he does. Thanks Scott and Industrial Talk for promoting such a critical part of America's ecoomy in such an entertaining way.

Real world applications

01/07/2019 1:38 PM by EarningsBarrage from United States

Scott is great getting actionable ideas from his guests that you can use to improve your business regardless of whether you own, lead or work in it.

An Authentic Host

11/09/2018 10:50 AM by Hijacked and unhappy from United States

I had the chance to talk with Scott outside of the podcast to pick his brain a little more, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was knowledgeable, very helpful, and generous with his time. Thanks again Scott!

Excellent Podcast!

11/06/2018 8:31 PM by acdepaoli from United States

Scott undersands that manufacturing has moved into the 21st Century and that the same old same old won't work if you want to grow. He cuts right to the essence of the problem...and he's pretty funny to boot! The podcast is fun to listen to and it was fun to be a guest. Have a listen!


09/26/2018 9:04 AM by PurposeUnlimited from United States

Scott MacKenzie is doing something unique to and despeately needed in the industrial marketplace...hosting podcasts with guests who deliver valuable advice and insights to help people and their businesses maximize their potential. His episodes are not only educational but very entertaining!

Innovative & Professional

05/21/2018 4:46 AM by DharmenHPAM from Canada

The Industrial Talk Podcast is a great source of knowledge and information. Scott is very professional and did a great job with the interviews. On top of that he is a great entertainer. Thank you Scott for the great job!


04/15/2018 5:28 PM by jburtevolve from United States

Very impressed with the show. Good content and Scott has a great interview style!

Unique voice - a must listen!

12/05/2017 9:01 AM by LorieC12345 from United States

Scott's podcasts are not to be missed, he asks the tough questions, entertains while he informs, and cares deeply about delivering meaningful content!

I would highly recommend Scott's podcast

11/07/2017 10:25 AM by Amir Ghannad from United States

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Scott MacKenzie on The Industrial Talk Podcast and I would recoemmend other who would like to spread their message to contact Scott and schedule an interview. Scott has a professional set up and does all the work to make it easy to promote the podcast on socila media, and he is fun to work with. Thanks Scott for a great experience and all the best.

Relevant, inspiring, and motivational!

10/24/2017 2:07 PM by Ria Story from United States

Scott is a skilled interviewer with a high energy level that keeps the show interesting and moving right along! His questions are insightful and allow great dialogue on the subject. The topics are relevant to the industry and The Industrial Talk Podcast brings inspirational information to listeners!

Very Insightful!

10/11/2017 2:27 PM by iOSHA from United States

Keep up the great job, Scott. Really enjoy hearing the different perspectives from industrial leaders. Thanks for all you do to promote businesses that drive towards higher standards.

Industry Talk

10/04/2017 2:35 PM by boiler56 from United States

Scott is a great interviewer & manages to get very interesting guests on his show discussing a range of very salient topics to professionals in the industrial segment of the economy

Fresh ideas to huge industry

09/27/2017 1:14 PM by Interview Valet from United States

Anyone that says manufacturing is old and lagging, has never listened The Industrial Talk Podcasts. Scott MacKenzie introduces us to new ideas and new thoughts using podcast. In 5 years when everyone in this sector is doing podcasts, you can say "I remember hearing Scott from the beginning" - just go back and binge listen!

Great podcast

08/08/2017 9:44 AM by Bugandbutton from United States

Just listened to the first episode... it's amazing how much good stuff was packed into 15 minutes! Informative and encouraging.

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