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Welcome to Fluke Reliability and Xcelerate20!

The Industrial Talk Podcast is proud to work with Fluke Reliability's Xcelerate20 to celebrating the Women and Men in this MUST attend virtual event of the year!  Home to 3 powerful iconic brands: Pruftechnik, eMaint and Fluke Connect.  Join these forward-thinking maintenance and reliability pros as they gather, learn, get inspired to become resilient.

This virtual experience will ensure you don't miss a thing.  By tuning in, you can view both the live and pre-recorded presentations by track and program type and download presentations and all the papers presented in each session.

Fluke Reliability's commitment to bringing you solutions that offer agility and structure in this climate of chaos, just in a different format.  All links designed to keep you forward marching on your connected reliability journey.  Keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market.  Learn! Grow! Bounce! = Resilient.

Xcelerate20 Features Blair Fraser with UE Systems on Disrupting Bearing Lubrication Through Automation

10/05/2020 |

It's been said that as many as 60% to 80% of premature bearing failures are lubrication related. Whether it is due to over lubrication, under lubrication, or simply using the wrong lubricant for the wrong application, it is still a lubrication related failure.  One challenge for maintenance & reliability professionals is how to optimize their lubrication PM’s. Ultrasound technology is one way to assist in enhancing lubrication procedures. Using ultrasound, we can prevent lubrication failures due to over and under lubrication.