EP 17: Industrial Leadership Dojo – Enjoyment in the “Now”!

Our days are busy and demanding.  Over time we forget to take Enjoyment in the “Now”.  As Leaders, we allow the challenges of life to strip us of Wonder and Dreams.  I challenge you to Fight and Recognize the need to appreciate the “Now”!  Your Team is depending on you to set that Optimistic tone…

EP 045: Interview with Mr. Dharmen Dhaliah

Sustainable Organizational Asset Centric Reliability Culture.  That is a mouthful but needed for REAL, Long-term operational, financial and company value.  This weeks interview is with Mr. Dharmen Dhaliah author of “Physical Asset Management – An Organizational Challenge”.  Our conversation addresses how an organization can achieve an Asset Centric Reliability Culture.  Find out more about Dharmen at:…

EP 16: Industrial Leadership Dojo – Take Risks No Time for Defense!

Ask this question and be honest: “Are you a Leader that’s playing Defense”?  I challenge you today to be Courageous and Daring – Take Risks!  Stop playing Defense, let play Offence and move that ball forward.  Let’s Inspire our team by being Bold, Courageous and Daring in our Leadership approach!

EP 15: Industrial Dojo – Humility

Pride, Arrogance, Conceit, Egotism are sad qualities that I have demonstrated multiple times in the past and will unfortunately in the future – We Are Human.  As Industrial leaders, we must recognize that these qualities are destroyers of Success.  We must be able to Take Constructive Criticism, Swallow Pride and be concerned with what is Right.

EP 14: Industrial Dojo – Laugh, Smile and Have Fun!

LIFE IS TOO SHORT!  That is an undeniable fact of life.  If this is true, than why are we allowing the pressures of life and are job to “strip” us of Laughter, Smiling and Fun?  As Industrial Leaders, recognize that we can’t take ourselves or the situation too seriously.  We must poses a Sense of Humor…