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Gurinder Singh and Chris McMahon with Schuler

By Scott MacKenzie | 11/13/2023 |

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to Gurinder Singh and Chris McMahon, Sales Managers at Schuler North America about “The incredible impact of industrial press and automation in manufacturing”. 

Tom Halpin with The Halpin Group

By Scott MacKenzie | 11/08/2023 |

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to Tom Halpin, President at The Halpin Group about “How to avoid a culture that prevents customers”.

Riley Hall with Fictiv

By Scott MacKenzie | 09/28/2023 |

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to Riley Hall, Product Marketing Director at Fictiv about “On-Demand custom manufacturing made simple, fast and done right”. 

David Klotz with PMA

By Scott MacKenzie | 09/19/2023 |

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to David Klotz, President of Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) about “PMA's commitment to helping members succeed.” 

Markus Rimmele with DigitalituM

By Scott MacKenzie | 08/18/2023 |

Industrial Talk is chatting with Markus Rimmele, Founder of DigitalituM about “How digitalization tools can solve ongoing challenges and dilemmas in manufacturing.”

Casey King with AZO, Inc.

By Scott MacKenzie | 08/02/2023 |

On this episode of Industrial Talk, we are chatting with Casey King with AZO about maintenance accessibility, ergonomics and safety in your material handling solution. 

Madhu Gaganam with Dell Technologies

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/17/2023 |

A quick summary of the points in Industrial Talk's conversation with Madhu Gaganam at Q1 OMG meeting:
The concept of digital twins has been around for a long time, but it has only recently been gaining traction in the industrial sector.

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical objects or systems that can be used to simulate their behavior and performance.

Digital twins can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
improving operational efficiency
optimizing product design
predicting failures
training operators

The edge is where the data is created, and it is important for digital twins because it allows for real-time decision making.

There are three levels of maturity for digital twins: visualization, digital shadowing, and digital twinning.

In the future, digital twins are likely to become an integral part of the industrial sector.

Anna Wells with IEN

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/13/2023 |

The key points from our conversation:

There is a lot of change happening in the industrial business sector, including labor challenges and the adoption of new technologies.
Manufacturers need to address the perception that working in manufacturing is dirty and low-paying. They should also focus on the benefits of working in manufacturing, such as good benefits and opportunities for learning.
Manufacturers are increasingly adopting new technologies, such as AI and analytics. However, they need to be careful not to implement new technologies during periods of high demand, as this can lead to disruptions.
Small and mid-sized manufacturers need to be careful about who they trust to help them with their technology needs. They need to find a partner who can help them implement new technologies without causing downtime or disruptions.

Milan Kocic with Hexagon Sixth Sense

By Scott MacKenzie | 07/11/2023 |

Overall, the conversation between Milan Kocic and Scott MacKenzie highlights the importance of collaboration between large companies and startups. It also highlights the potential benefits of the Sixth Sense program for both Hexagon and the startups involved.

Mike Miller with Azo, Inc

By Scott MacKenzie | 06/20/2023 |

Industrial Talk is speaking with Mike Miller, Director of Sales – Azo, Inc. about “Solving today's material handling challenges and leveraging conferences for collaboration.” Get the answers to your “Material Handling” questions along with Mike's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!