The Industrial Academy

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand.  The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow"

William Pollard, Physicist

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Training Solutions For Industry Leaders

What you get with enrollment

The Industrial Academy provides FIVE training modules (Take A Look Below) focused on your Industrial Success and Legacy.  Signing up for The Industrial Academy will provide the following services and training solutions:

  1. One time, 2-Hr. One-On-One Industrial Marketing Consultation.  This is to develop an AS-IS understanding of your current marketing efforts and develop a TO-BE marketing approach.
  2. Unlimited Online training that focuses on:
    • Industrial Leadership
    • Industrial Finance
    • Industrial Operations
    • Industrial Business Development
    • Industrial Technology
  3. Two targeted Industrial Podcasts bringing out the Human Side of your Company.
  4. Bi-Monthly Webinars that focus on current Industrial challenges
  5. Monthly 1/2 Hr. One-on-One Marketing Consultation. (Keeping you on track)
  6. Downloads of models to help implement the solutions discussed with your membership.

Look at the overview of each Industrial Academy training module and Sign-Up or just fill-out the form below and we are Ready To Get To Work!

Are you Ready to Enroll in The Industrial Academy?

Monthly Access

$49.95 /MO.
  • Month-to-Mouth: Unlimited Access

  • New Courses: Added Monthly

  • Consultation: Upon Request

  • Auto-renews monthly. Cancel anytime.

Annual Access

$495.95 /YR.
  • Save $104.00 off Monthly Plan

  • 1 Year: Unlimited Access

  • New Courses: Added Monthly

  • Standing Consultation: Monthly

  • Auto-renews annually. Cancel anytime.

Enterprise Plans

Let's Talk!
  • 1 Year: Unlimited Access

  • New Courses: Added Monthly

  • Standing Consultation: Monthly

  • Auto-renews monthly. Cancel anytime.

Not ready for the Industrial Academy? No Problem..

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