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Onsite Broadcasting

Industrial Talk will be there for you! We bring the engaging conversation, inquisitive banter, educational information and marketing savvy to industrial-focused conferences and meetings. Want your message to be heard beyond the walls of the arena? Let Industrial Talk create the buzz for you, increasing the depth and breadth of your unique contribution to the industrial marketplace. Our casually friendly interview format brings out the very best in everyone to increase reach, strengthen established connections while building new ones, grow sales and  positively impact the bottom line.

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Conference Attendee Engagement

Industrial Talk provides the ready-made space for conference goers to connect with one another. Since conference attendance is designed to enhance one-on-one engagement for the creation of new business relationships, what better way to forge these business-building alliances? Industrial Talk interviews are recorded in real-time at the conference to deliver energetic conversations, accessible and available to you and to anyone your company seeks to reach.  The engagement occurs organically because Industrial Talk directs and drives the process so YOU succeed while your conference time and monetary investment delivers exponentially greater return to you.


With over 40 yrs. industrial and business consulting experience with the education to back it up, Scott MacKenzie provides the knowledge and business acumen needed to dazzle an audience. His wit puts any group at ease while stealthily informing and educating for the desired outcome. Having worked his way up from "the hooks" in the utility industry to leading a team onto the NSDAQ and finally creating Industrial Talk from an idea & a passion to build people and businesses, Scott's skill sets are diverse and varied. He's warm, engaging and always encouraging. You want Scott MacKenzie of Industrial Talk speaking at your next event!