David McKee with Digital Twin Consortium

Industrial Talk is onsite at OMG, Q1 Meeting and talking to David McKee, DTC Ambassador with Digital Twin Consortium about “Data – Your digital journey must start with trustworthy data”.

Scott MacKenzie and David McKee discussed the importance of disrupting traditional business models for sustainability, emphasizing the need for companies to adopt sustainable practices not just for environmental reasons but also for societal impact. They highlighted the potential of digital technologies to drive sustainability in various sectors, including healthcare, construction, and energy. Later, Speaker 2 and Scott MacKenzie discussed the importance of sustainable digital twins and data management, emphasizing the need for responsible compute, energy, power, and storage, as well as the potential of digital twin technology to revolutionize the way complexes are managed and maintained.

Vivek Joshi with Entytle

Industrial Talk is chatting with Vivek Joshi, CEO at Entytle, Inc. about “The right processes and technology to support Autonomous Aftermarket”. 

Vivek Yoshi and Scott MacKenzie discussed the emerging trend of autonomous aftermarket in industrial manufacturing, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize the industry. They highlighted the importance of embracing this technology to remain competitive, while Scott and Speaker 3 discussed the potential of leveraging technology for growth and the potential challenges and concerns, such as workforce disruption and cybersecurity risks. Later, Scott and Speaker 3 discussed the potential of AI and automation to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce manual labor, and increase accuracy, and emphasized the importance of leveraging these technologies to address workforce challenges and transform field service operations.

Marcelo Lorenzo with Bluefin ESI

Industrial Talk is onsite at DistribuTECH and talking to Marcelo Lorenzo, Sales Engineer with Bluefin ESI about “The reactive power impact of AI on datacenters”. 

Marcelo and Scott MacKenzie discussed the growing demand for power in data centers, particularly in Virginia. They emphasized the need for collaboration between utilities and data center operators to find innovative solutions to meet this demand efficiently. They also explored the potential of generative AI to transform various industries.

Stephen Hanley with Thomas C Wilson

Industrial Talk is onsite at PowerGen and talking to Stephen Hanley, President with Thomas C. Wilson, LLC about “100 years of power generation solutions”. 

Scott MacKenzie and Stephen Hanley discussed the future of energy, emphasizing the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly sources. Scott highlighted the importance of building relationships in the industry, while Stephen stressed the need for alternate energy sources due to environmental concerns and methane gas issues. Both agreed that the industry must adapt to meet the challenges of the future.

Paraic O’Lochlainn with Fluke Reliability

Industrial Talk is onsite at Xcelerate 24 and talking to Paraic O’Lochlainn, Vice President, International Sales with Fluke Reliability about “Emaint’s cutting-edge solutions in asset management”.

Scott MacKenzie and O’Locklann discussed the growth of Fluke Reliability and its software solutions outside of the Americas, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer problems and industry trends. They further explored the advancement of maintenance management software, which has transformed from a plant-level solution to a group-wide deployed solution. They also discussed the capabilities and benefits of X5, a solution designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers, and O’Locklann shared their experience with Azima, an email platform for asset management in industry.