Scott MacKenzie, MBA

About Scott

I am Scott MacKenzie, husband, father, and passionate industry educator. From humble beginnings as a lathing contractor and certified journeyman/lineman to an Undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Business Administration, I have applied every aspect of my education and training to lead and influence. I believe in serving and adding value wherever I am called. It’s been my privilege to lead a team onto the NASDAQ Stock Exchange while serving as President of a multi-national terminaling corporation.

While these are obvious resume-builders they do not define me as a business leader. My driving purpose is people. Accomplishments are rungs of a ladder, tasks undertaken to prove one’s abilities. Changing lives and building futures are the destination, the reason we climb.

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Molly Finch, MBA

About Molly

Hi! My name is Molly MacKenzie, and I am enthusiastic about business growth and development. I have always been a business girl and love helping others make their dreams come true through their own business ventures. It fascinates me that by changing one aspect, a business can begin to thrive!

I believe that anyone can become a successful business owner, but that is only possible if their marketing strategy defined and well thought out. An integrated digital marketing plan is essential to the success of a business. By recognizing the importance of marketing, any business can get the attention and buzz their company deserves!

Molly's Education

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

Fun Facts about Molly

I have a passion for music and have had the privilege of teaching piano since the age of 14! I love seeing my students start to love the piano and enjoy it, just as much as I do!