Marcelo Lorenzo with Bluefin ESI

Industrial Talk is onsite at DistribuTECH and talking to Marcelo Lorenzo, Sales Engineer with Bluefin ESI about “The reactive power impact of AI on datacenters”. 

Marcelo and Scott MacKenzie discussed the growing demand for power in data centers, particularly in Virginia. They emphasized the need for collaboration between utilities and data center operators to find innovative solutions to meet this demand efficiently. They also explored the potential of generative AI to transform various industries.

Kevin Clark with Falkonry

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Kevin Clark, VP Time Series AI/CS and Marketing at Falkonry about “Smarter operational decisions by applying AI to proactively act on adverse operational events”. 

Tim Whelan with Datch

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Tim Whelan, Head of Sales with about “AI and your Asset Management Strategy”.

Edgar Amaya with Accruent

On this episode of Industrial Talk, we’re onsite at Accruent Insights and chatting with Edgar Amaya, Vice President, Enterprise Customer Success with Accruent about Maintaining a close relationship with your customers to ensure success.

Emory Sullivan with Genba.AI

On this week’s Industrial Talk we’re onsite at Xcelerate 23 in Orlando, FL and talking to Emory Sullivan, Co-Founder, Gemba.AI and RealWare about “Building a world where technicians have critical knowledge at their fingertips”. Get the answers to your “AR” questions along with Emory’s unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!