Frank Seidel with Wamser Batra USA

Industrial Talk is chatting with Frank Seidel, Managing Partner at Wamser + Batra USA about “Solutions in how your company can succeed in India”. 

Corey Dickens with Brightly

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Corey Dickens, Sr. Solutions Consultant with Brightly about “Manufacturing maintenance and reliability success through data insights”. 

Stacy “Spider” Henson with Azo

Industrial Talk is chatting with Stacy “Spider” Henson, Sr. Field Service Technician at Azo Inc. about “Skilled Trades – Attracting and Retaining.”

Riley Hall with Fictiv

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to Riley Hall, Product Marketing Director at Fictiv about “On-Demand custom manufacturing made simple, fast and done right”.