Jeffrey Hilker with Constellation PowerLabs

Industrial Talk is onsite at PowerGen and talking to Jeffrey Hilker, Marketing/CX Manager with Constellation PowerLabs about “Ensuring power assets are reliable and perform to specifications”.

Frank Seidel with Wamser Batra USA

Industrial Talk is chatting with Frank Seidel, Managing Partner at Wamser + Batra USA about “Solutions in how your company can succeed in India”. 

Wildcat Power Generation

Industrial Talk is onsite at PowerGen and talking to Wildcat Power Generation about “Innovative power generation solutions”.

Kevin Clark with Falkonry

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Kevin Clark, VP Time Series AI/CS and Marketing at Falkonry about “Smarter operational decisions by applying AI to proactively act on adverse operational events”. 

Kathy Gallowitz with Vanguard Veteran

Industrial Talk is chatting with Lt. Col. (Ret) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz, Founder and CEO at Vanguard Veteran, LLC about “Why and How to Build a Veteran Talent Strategy”