Marcelo Lorenzo with Bluefin ESI

Industrial Talk is onsite at DistribuTECH and talking to Marcelo Lorenzo, Sales Engineer with Bluefin ESI about “The reactive power impact of AI on datacenters”. 

Marcelo and Scott MacKenzie discussed the growing demand for power in data centers, particularly in Virginia. They emphasized the need for collaboration between utilities and data center operators to find innovative solutions to meet this demand efficiently. They also explored the potential of generative AI to transform various industries.

Michael DeMaria with Fluke Reliability

Industrial Talk is onsite at Xcelerate 24 and talking to Michael DeMaria, Director, Product Management with Fluke Reliability about “Azima, Vibration AI – 30+ years of historical vibration data”. 

Scott MacKenzie and Michael DeMaria discussed the importance of predictive maintenance in the industrial sector, highlighting challenges in vibration analysis and the integration of AI. Michael emphasized the role of Azima’s vibration analysis software in identifying patterns and faults in industrial machinery, while Scott MacKenzie stressed the critical nature of predictive maintenance and the need for timely decision-making. Both speakers emphasized the importance of simplifying data collection and integrating AI to improve machine health and efficiency. Later, Michael de Maria joined the conversation and highlighted the need for persistence logic and ethical considerations in automation. The speakers discussed the potential of predictive analytics in reducing downtime and the importance of a balanced approach combining AI and human analysis to mitigate risks and ensure effective predictive maintenance.

Chris Pickett with DigiLens, Inc.

Industrial Talk is onsite at OMG, Q1 Meeting and talking to Chris Pickett, CEO and Board Member at DigiLens about “Augmented Reality – Industrial applications and solutions”.

Kevin Clark with Falkonry

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Kevin Clark, VP Time Series AI/CS and Marketing at Falkonry about “Smarter operational decisions by applying AI to proactively act on adverse operational events”. 

Tim Whelan with Datch

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Tim Whelan, Head of Sales with about “AI and your Asset Management Strategy”.