Brett Smith with Siemens

Industrial Talk is onsite at IoT Solutions World Congress and talking to Brett Smith, Global Partner Business Development Lead with Siemens about “Smart building solutions to optimize the efficiency of your building assets”.

Brett Smith emphasizes the importance of technology in making buildings more autonomous, profitable, and sustainable. Scott MacKenzie highlights the significance of IoT solutions and networking with industry professionals. The speakers discuss the potential of AI and machine learning to optimize building operations, energy efficiency, and performance. They emphasize the importance of understanding occupancy and energy usage patterns to make informed decisions and achieve cost savings and profitability. Both speakers highlight the potential for autonomous decision-making within buildings without human intervention, with the goal of improving sustainability, profitability, and efficiency.

Aaron Merkin with Fluke Reliability

Industrial Talk is onsite at Xcelerate 24 and talking to Aaron Merkin, Chief Technology Officer with Fluke Reliability about “Stitching together a more integrated reliability solution”.

Aaron Merkin discussed the shift from on-premise to cloud software and the integration of AI in enterprise software. Scott MacKenzie and Aaron discussed the importance of data collection and closed-loop workflows for predictive maintenance, highlighting the benefits of modern applications like x5 and the potential of generative AI and augmented reality in asset management and maintenance. The conversation emphasized the challenges of navigating disruptive times in the industry and the need for comprehensive solutions to eliminate unplanned downtime and improve worker efficiency.

Roger Hebert with Boston Dynamics

Industrial Talk is onsite at PowerGen and talking to Roger Hebert, Sales Manager with Boston Dynamics about “Leveraging robotic solutions to perform dangerous and mundane industrial work”.

Roger Hebert and Scott MacKenzie discuss the potential of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot in power generation, highlighting its ability to operate in hazardous environments and perform repetitive data collection tasks. They explore the durability of Spot and its applications in various industries, including manufacturing and power generation, emphasizing the benefits of robotics in improving efficiency and safety in power plant maintenance. However, they also acknowledge the ethical implications of these technologies.

Lee Morgan with Fluke Reliability

Industrial Talk is onsite at Xcelerate 24 and talking to Lee Morgan, Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager with Fluke Reliability about “Vertically integrated asset management solution that leverages vibration AI”.

Scott MacKenzie and Lee Morgan discussed the potential of advanced predictive maintenance solutions for industrial assets, highlighting the importance of real-time data and the ability to provide predictive maintenance. Speaker 3 provided insights into Fluke’s role in providing solutions for asset management, reliability, and vibration monitoring, emphasizing the scalability and flexibility of the new X5 platform.

Paraic O’Lochlainn with Fluke Reliability

Industrial Talk is onsite at Xcelerate 24 and talking to Paraic O’Lochlainn, Vice President, International Sales with Fluke Reliability about “Emaint’s cutting-edge solutions in asset management”.

Scott MacKenzie and O’Locklann discussed the growth of Fluke Reliability and its software solutions outside of the Americas, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer problems and industry trends. They further explored the advancement of maintenance management software, which has transformed from a plant-level solution to a group-wide deployed solution. They also discussed the capabilities and benefits of X5, a solution designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers, and O’Locklann shared their experience with Azima, an email platform for asset management in industry.