Gerardo Pardo-Castellote with RTI

Industrial Talk is onsite at OMG, Q1 Meeting and talking to Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, CTO of Real-Time Innovations (RTI) about “Data Distribution Services (DDS) – Ensuring systems can communicate”.

Scott MacKenzie and Gerardo discussed advancements in distributed systems and data management. Gerardo explained how their company, Real-Time Innovations, develops software infrastructure for robotic systems. They discussed the importance of modularity, interoperability, and security in complex systems, highlighting challenges such as latency, data security, and scalability in real-time innovations. They emphasized the need for a common language and protocol to enable communication and integration between different systems.

Richard Robinson with Bloomberg

Industrial Talk is onsite at OMG, Q1 Meeting and talking to Richard Robinson, Chief Strategist and Author with Bloomberg LP about “Open Data and Standards Development for All”.

Scott MacKenzie and Richard discuss the importance of standardizing financial data modeling to improve data quality, with Richard highlighting the challenges of keeping track of multiple identifiers for the same company across different countries and exchanges. They also discuss the adoption and governance of financial data standards, with Scott MacKenzie highlighting the high demand for FIGI data and the importance of open source licensing for good governance. Richard Robinson and Scott MacKenzie then engage in a conversation about the significance of standards in the digital age, with Richard emphasizing the need for standards to ensure interoperability and facilitate innovation, while Scott expresses his amazement at the complexity of standards and their impact on everyday life.

David McKee with Digital Twin Consortium

Industrial Talk is onsite at OMG, Q1 Meeting and talking to David McKee, DTC Ambassador with Digital Twin Consortium about “Data – Your digital journey must start with trustworthy data”.

Scott MacKenzie and David McKee discussed the importance of disrupting traditional business models for sustainability, emphasizing the need for companies to adopt sustainable practices not just for environmental reasons but also for societal impact. They highlighted the potential of digital technologies to drive sustainability in various sectors, including healthcare, construction, and energy. Later, Speaker 2 and Scott MacKenzie discussed the importance of sustainable digital twins and data management, emphasizing the need for responsible compute, energy, power, and storage, as well as the potential of digital twin technology to revolutionize the way complexes are managed and maintained.

Bassam Zarkout with IGnPower

Industrial Talk is onsite at the OMG Quarterly Standards Meeting and chatting with Bassam Zarkout, Executive Vice President with IGnPower about “Digital Transformation – trustworthy standards and strategies for implementation success”.

Matteo Dariol with Grow Platform

Industrial Talk is onsite at the 30th Annual SMRP conference and speaking with Matteo Dariol, Business Development and Sales Manager at Grow Platform (A Bosch Company) about “Data analytics and the positive impact its having in welding”. Get the answers to your “welding” questions along with Matteo’s incredible insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!