Erik Brunnefreef with Deutsche Telekom

Industrial Talk is onsite at IoT Solutions World Congress and talking to Erik Brunnefreef, Space and IoT Data Business Builder with Deutsche Telekom about “Seamless Connectivity Coverage between Cellular and Satellites”.

Scott MacKenzie and Erik Brunnekreef discussed satellite connectivity for IoT devices, emphasizing resilient connectivity in remote areas. Erik Brunnekreef joined the conversation, highlighting the future of satellite communications and the need for seamless connectivity between cellular and satellite technologies. The speakers stressed the importance of making satellite communications more accessible and user-friendly while addressing concerns about efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Vivek Joshi with Entytle

Industrial Talk is chatting with Vivek Joshi, CEO at Entytle, Inc. about “The right processes and technology to support Autonomous Aftermarket”. 

Vivek Yoshi and Scott MacKenzie discussed the emerging trend of autonomous aftermarket in industrial manufacturing, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize the industry. They highlighted the importance of embracing this technology to remain competitive, while Scott and Speaker 3 discussed the potential of leveraging technology for growth and the potential challenges and concerns, such as workforce disruption and cybersecurity risks. Later, Scott and Speaker 3 discussed the potential of AI and automation to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce manual labor, and increase accuracy, and emphasized the importance of leveraging these technologies to address workforce challenges and transform field service operations.

Gail Wong with AT&T

Industrial Talk is onsite at DistribuTECH and talking to Gail Wong, Head of Marketing IoT Asset Management Solutions with AT&T about “Rapid Response – Quick deployment of cellular services for first responders”. 

Scott MacKenzie and Gail discussed the latest innovations in utility industry communication and networking, highlighting the benefits of connecting meters and providing emergency communication solutions for utility providers. Gail emphasized the importance of quick deployment and backup networks in emergency situations, while MacKenzie stressed the crucial role of communication in restoring connectivity. Later, Scott and Gail discussed the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) in fleet operations and the importance of enhancing visibility and operational efficiency in charging infrastructure. Both speakers stressed the importance of data-driven decision-making and strategic planning to optimize fleet operations and achieve sustainability goals.

Robbrecht van Amerongen and Remco Bunder

Digital Twin, The Dutch Rail successful application of Digital Twin

Industrial Talk is chatting with Robbrecht van Amerogen with AMIS and Remco Bunder with Netherlands Rail about “The application of Digital Twin to the Dutch Rail System”. 

Sam Hamway with Nucleus Research

On this week’s Industrial Talk we’re onsite at Xcelerate 23 in Orlando, FL and talking to Sam Hamway, Research Analyst at Nucleus Research about “Quantitate technical and capability research insights around the latest innovative solutions”.