Brian Schmidt with Northrup Grumman

Industrial Talk is onsite at OMG, Q1 Meeting and talking to Brian Schmidt, Technical Fellow and Chief Engineer with Northrop Grumman about “Digital Twin in the Defense and Aerospace Industry”.

Brian Schmidt and Scott MacKenzie discussed the potential of digital twin technology in various industries, highlighting its benefits, challenges, and the importance of collaboration to overcome them. They emphasized the need for trustworthiness and security in digital twins, as well as their potential to optimize operations and improve efficiency. Brian shared his experience as a new co-chair of the aerospace and defense working group within the Digital Twin Consortium, while Scott provided insights and questions to further explore the topic.

Aravind Kumar with Belden

Industrial Talk is onsite at the OMG Quarterly Standards Meeting and chatting with Aravind Kumar, Digital Automation Consultant with Belden about “Digital Automation – Digital Insights for Improved Tactical and Strategic Decisions”.

Sandy Friedenthal and Ed Seidewitz

Industrial Talk is onsite at the OMG Quarterly Standards Meeting and chatting with Sandy Friedenthal and Ed Seidewitz about “The next-generation System Modeling Language (SysML v2)”. Tune in and hear more about the importance of the latest in SysML v2 and Sandy and Ed’s unique insights on this Industrial Talk.

Madhu Gaganam with Dell Technologies

A quick summary of the points in Industrial Talk’s conversation with Madhu Gaganam at Q1 OMG meeting:
The concept of digital twins has been around for a long time, but it has only recently been gaining traction in the industrial sector.

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical objects or systems that can be used to simulate their behavior and performance.

Digital twins can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
improving operational efficiency
optimizing product design
predicting failures
training operators

The edge is where the data is created, and it is important for digital twins because it allows for real-time decision making.

There are three levels of maturity for digital twins: visualization, digital shadowing, and digital twinning.

In the future, digital twins are likely to become an integral part of the industrial sector.

Mike Bennett with OMG

This conversation is about the importance of standards in technology and how the Object Management Group (OMG) develops and maintains standards. Mike discusses the challenges of keeping up with the pace of technological change and how OMG’s standards process helps to ensure that standards are stable and well-thought-out.