Claude Baudoin with OMG

Industrial Talk is onsite at OMG, Q1 Meeting and talking to Claude Baudoin, Co-Chair of Business Modeling and Integration Task Force with OMG about “Standard Business Reporting Model (SBRM)”.

The conversation revolved around the need for a standardized business reporting model to improve efficiency and rigor in reporting across various domains. Claude Baudoin and Scott MacKenzie discussed the initiative’s origins in response to increasing regulatory requirements and the importance of defining semantic relationships, constraints, and formulas. They also touched on the need to enhance reporting consistency and semantic rigor across domains, with a focus on standardizing a metamodel to enable tools to produce compliant reports. Later, Claude and Scott MacKenzie discussed the significance of standardization in the tech industry, with Claude emphasizing the importance of OMG standards like UML, and Scott MacKenzie highlighting the need for dynamic documents that keep up with time.