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Mr. Steve Griffith with NEMA talks about Industrial AI and Cybersecurity for Future Success

In this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast and in conjunction with The Industrial IoT World, we’re talking to Steve Griffith, Industry Director, Transportation Systems and Cybersecurity at NEMA about “What you need to know about Industrial AI and Cybersecurity for future success”.  Get the answers to your “AI and Cyber” questions along with Steve’s unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!

Xcelerate20 Features Klaus Blache with The University of Tennessee and Need for Resilience in Implementation

In this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast we’re talking about the virtual event of the year- Fluke Reliability’s Xcelerate20!  Home to 3 powerful iconic brands – Pruftechnik, eMaint, Fluke Connect and Accelix. (that right-the guys with the black and yellow tools are FAR more than just hardware!)  Join forward-thinking maintenance & reliability pros as they gather, learn,  get inspired and become resilient.  On air we are speaking Klaus Blache, Director – Reliability & Maintainability Center and Professor – College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee about “Why Resilience is Needed in Technology Implementation for Success”.