6 Things to Know Before Hiring a CFO

Course Instructor

Keith McAslan Keith McAslan Instructor

Keith is a Managing Partner of McAslan Consulting PC and ASG Energy, LLC a dedicated partner in integrating LED lighting solutions. ASG work closely with our customers to clearly define their needs and desires. We then provide world-class expert engineering development, implementation, technical, and financial capabilities to maximize value to our customers throughout each phase of the project. ASG has successfully delivered turnkey solutions to Fortune 500, Health Care and Schools generating cost savings, reduction of greenhouse gas emmissions and improvements in facility lighting and safety. Our clients, who have integrated our LED solutions see a Return of Investment payback period typically less than 2 ½ years generating incremental EBITDA in the current year and increased enterprise value.

  • Syllabus

    • Introduction
    • Steps In Hiring a CFO
      • Why
      • Success
      • Do I Need a CFO?
      • Questions to Ask CFO Candidates
      • Employee or Contractor
      • Hire as Contractor – Billing
      • Retire of Transition
      • Results
    • Course Wrap-Up
      • Next Steps