The Transformational Power Of Purpose

Jim's nontraditional background and education have provided him with a unique perspective in the field of personal and organizational development. He views motivation and leadership from three perspectives – scientific, psychological and spiritual – which are summarized in his fundamental principle of human behavior – without a purpose our only motivation is reward and punishment. He has proven there is a direct correlation between purpose and profit.

Course Instructor

Jim Whitt Jim Whitt Instructor

Jim founded Purpose Unlimited to help people and businesses reach their full potential. Having personally experienced the transformational power of purpose, he developed a process to help others do the same. He then developed a process to help leaders create purpose-driven organizations.

  • Syllabus

    • Introduction
      • Why?
      • Success
    • Purpose
      • The Road Most Traveled
      • Why Are You Crossing The Road?
      • Learning to Walk Upright in a Four-Legged World
      • That the Powerful Play Goes On
      • What’s My Line?
      • What You See Is What You Get
      • The Leap of Faith
      • It Hurts So Good
      • Doing What Comes Supernaturally
      • The Weakest Link
    • Take Action
      • Live a Life of Purpose