Strategic Partners

Thank you very much to the Industrial Talk's strategic partners. It is due to their commitment to industrial professionalism, safety and education that sets them apart.  Industrial Talk is truly proud and honored to have these fine organizations part of the Industrial Talk Podcast.

As listeners to Industrial Talk,  please take the time to get to know these fine organizations.  They can answer any questions as well as deliver services that will surpass your quality and cost expectations!

Leaf Services LLC

Leaf Services is a premier industrial maintenance and labor provider.  You can count on members from Leaf Services industrial labor pool and also Leaf Services administrative and executive staffs to optimize your enterprise resources, increase your productivity, improve your safety records, reduce your expenses, and promote a positive image for your company in the local community.

Kostmayer Construction

Kostmayer Construction is the go-to marine construction company for petrochemical and industrial facilities as well as municipalities along Louisiana’s waterways. Our specialized expertise allows our team to perform complex, time-sensitive projects other companies can’t do.  Kostmayer self-performs marine construction, mechanical piping systems, material handling systems, maintenance & emergency work, as well as heavy civil construction in Louisiana and across the Gulf South


The most trusted source of the latest reliability and Uptime maintenance news and information in the industry!

Picou Group Contractors

Full service engineering and construction company.  Picou Group is dedicated to quality service in a timely manner with the highest level safety for each project.  They will meet and surpass your expectations on service and cost.

BIC Media Solutions

BIC MEDIA SOLUTIONS connects investors, filmmakers and publishers to help fund, co-produce and market inspirational and faith/family friendly media.