EP 037: Interview with Mr. Terry Saunders

This week’s Industrial Talk episode dives deep into the awesome tech that is IBM’s Watson.  Terry Saunders, IBM’s Worldwide Utility Industry Leader, discusses the technology that drives the expanding knowledge and capabilities of Watson and the incredible impact this technology will have on industry.  To learn more about Terry, connect with him at: LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/saundersterrylee/

EP 036: Interview with Mr. Ted Moon and Mark Peters

This week’s interview addresses the challenges industrial companies face with a retiring workforce and maintaining leadership continuity through proactive supervisory training.  In the book he wrote with TDS’s Barry Hardy, “The Journey” Ted Moon highlights the 3-key training requirements for new Supervisors and Mark Peters discusses the 3-reasons why you need to attend the BIC…

EP 035: Interview with Mr. Ramesh Gulati

This week’s Industrial Talk interview highlights a reliability and asset management professional extraordinaire!  As a publish author, Mr. Ramesh Gulati with Jacobs has seen it all in the reliability and asset management space.  In his interview, Mr. Gulati discusses his books as well as his background making him the “cream of the crop” in reliability! …

EP 034: Round Table On Recruiting and Retaining Millennial’s

A panel of 5-Reliability Professionals discuss and shares the necessity of an effective recruiting model to attract and retain a millennial workforce.  In an effort to respond to the growing economy; professionals within the industrial world recognize the need for a proactive, millennial centric solution to respond to a growing industrial market.

EP 033: 5-Points to an Effective Asset Management Communication Strategy with Industry Leader Terrence O’Hanlon

Mr. Terrence O’Hanlon, an industry leader in all things Asset Management, discusses the vital necessity for “buy-in” at the C-level for a long-term, successful Asset Management Program.  Terry highlights the 5-points of an effective communication strategy to positively impact and grow a Reliability centric culture from top to bottom. Find out more about Terrence O’Hanlon…