EP 046: Interview with Mr. Daniel Gefen

So you Industrial Professional think that digital marketing is a waste of time?  “Leave this “Fad” for other company to use”.  “We don’t need to adapt and leverage digital marketing for sales, attention and branding – We are doing just fine”.  If this is your position, then you really need to listen to Mr. Daniel…

EP 21: Industrial Leadership Dojo – Curiosity In Learning!

Please ask this Question:  “Do you have a Curiosity in Learning?”  “Do you have a Hunger to Know?”  We are living through a Disruption in Learning – At our fingertips are answers to questions.  As Leaders we must be about constantly learning – There are No excuses, gaining knowledge has never been easier!  

EP 20: Industrial Leadership Dojo – 10 Minute Rule to Filling Your Tank!

Question, what are you doing to Fill Your Tank?  As Leaders let’s be discipline in finding solutions that give us plenty of energy and fitness (mental and physical) to tackle the day with focus and enthusiasm!  Consider the 10-minute rule.  Your team is depending on you to BRING THE ENERGY!

EP 19: Industrial Leadership Dojo – No Kicking The Dog!!!

This Podcast is a Rant – Sorry.  As Industrial Leaders we take full Responsibility at All Cost!  No exceptions.  We do not “Kick a Defenseless Dog” because we are frustrated!  Industrial Leaders have a high “Beer Factor”, your team should want to have beer with you just because you’re a good person and you have…

EP 18: Industrial Leadership Dojo – Guts and Spunk!

Drive and Grit are qualities of Industrial Leaders.  Don’t be driven by Fear!  Fear will only lead to Regret.  As Leaders we must have Guts and Spunk and represent these qualities in your life – Your Team Is Depending On You!