Ep 042: Interview with Mr. Chris Koehn

The future is Bright with LED Lighting – it’s more than just a light bulb! You might ask yourself, “What’s the Big Deal with LED”? In this weeks Industrial Talk Podcast interview with Chris Koehn, Founding Partner with ASG Energy explains this fascinating technology, the incredible impact it will on your bottom-line and how it…

ID 03: Industrial Dojo – See The Good!

SEE THE GOOD!  It is time!  This Podcast is your Stiff “Kick” in the Britches!  Do you have Dreams, Goals and Desires for your Future?  Do you want to make a positive impact in your family, circle of friends, community – The World?  Then, you have to, with all your strength, “dump” that heavy bag…

ID 02: Industrial Dojo – Correct Thinking

GET BACK ON THE HORSE! We must be Students of “Failure”, Students of “Fear” and Students of not allowing the past to dictate our future. It is in failure and in challenging our fears that we make the greatest progress in growth, character and learning – Keep Pushing, Don’t Give Up and GET BACK ON…

ID 01: Industrial Dojo – The Building of Industrial Leaders

Quick, Rapid, Industrial Strategies, Tactics and Solutions for you, the industrial professional and businesses that want to take their company and profession to the next level.  These Podcasts are design to be quick and actionable for today’s busy professional. – TAKE ACTION!

Ep 041: Interview with Mr. Donald “Don” Shoemaker

Supply Chain, Storeroom and Reliability solutions are on the Burner for this weeks Industrial Talk Podcast interview.  Mr. Don Shoemaker, VP of Asset Services with Synovos discusses the business practices, technology and benefits of an Strong Integrated Supply Chain Solution!  Find out more about Don at: Website:  https://synovos.com/ LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/donald-shoemaker-p-e-3829924/ Twitter: @Synovos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Synovos/