Bill Schmarzo talks about he Dangers of Legacy Thinking and the power of Hope to Innovation

In this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast and in conjunction with IoT Solutions World Congress, we’re talking to Bill Schmarzo – The Dean of Big Data about “The Dangers of Legacy Thinking and The Power of Hope in Innovation”.  Get the answers to your “Culture of Empowerment and Culture of Innovation” questions along with Bill’s unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!

Carlos Valdes-Dapena Talks about what is wrong with typical team building and the power of collaboration.

On this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast we’re talking to Carlos Valdes-Dapena, Managing Principle at Corporate Collaboration Resources, LLC about What’s wrong with typical team building and what we can do about it! During this Podcast episode, Carlos talks about the 4-points that will unlock the keys to better collaboration: To get achievement-driven employees – the…