Kathy Gallowitz with Vanguard Veteran

Industrial Talk is chatting with Lt. Col. (Ret) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz, Founder and CEO at Vanguard Veteran, LLC about “Why and How to Build a Veteran Talent Strategy”

Tara Holwegner with Life Cycle Engineering

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Tara Holwegner, Program Leader at LCE about “Organizational Alignment – Challenges and solutions in a dynamic industrial market”.

Chris Pepin and Adrian Messer with Progressive Reliability

Industrial Talk is speaking with Chris Pepin, Founder and Adrian Messer, VP with Progressive Reliability about “maintenance debt and finding the right M&R talent”. Get the answers to your “Reliability Hiring” questions along with Team Progressive Reliability unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!