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This is the location for the latest and greatest on industrial Leadership and Culture to succeed in a changing Industrial Market

About Industrial Leadership and Culture

This location, WE ARE ABOUT industrial leadership, mentoring and how to effect lasting cultural change in your organization. Here WE WANT THE INDUSTRIAL leaders to be equipped with tools, taught by industry thought leaders passionate about your success and positive change in your organization.  Podcast TOPICS covered here INCLUDE:

  • Leadership
  • Industrial Motivation
  • Organizational Culture


Industrial Leadership: Intense Focus

04/02/2019 |
Succeed with Intense Focus

As Elite Industrial Professionals we must have Intense Focus on the task at hand. To excel, we must be Intensely Focused on the tasks that move us and the company forward. As a guilty party, many of us are distracted by email inbound noise and shiny objects. Professionals with Intense Focus are disciplined to avoid distractions and with…

Industrial Leadership: Process, Process, Process!

03/28/2019 |
Removing Frustration For Your Customer

Process, Process, Process! With Elite Athletes, establishing and refining processes are vital to their success – it's an important step to honing and tracking progress. In this Industrial Talk Podcast we discuss the importance of Elite Industrial Professionals to establish and refine Business Processes and making this effort a Top Priority for Success. Podcast Transcript: [00:01]                                    The…

Industrial Leadership: Discipline, Grit, Never Give Up!

03/26/2019 |
Transforming Your Industrial Business

Discipline, Grit and Never Give Up! To truly Transform your Industrial Business and Career it starts with your attitude the strength of your mind. This Industrial Talk episode expands on the qualities of an Elite Athlete and discusses the need for Industrial Discipline, Grit and “Never Give Up” attitude for Industrial Success. Podcast Transcript: [00:01]                                    The industrial…

Industrial Sales: Getting Angry

03/04/2019 |
Getting Mad

Sometime there will be Customer's or Prospect's that will Get Angry with you. They could be having a bad day or you said something that didn't sit well with your Customer. Fear not, you are in good company so keep in mind these 5 points: 1. Don't be an A-Hole. 2. Don't let fear control you. 3.…

Industrial Academy:

The world is changing fast! Industrial businesses are juggling every facet of business maintenance and growth, ranging from technological/digital media adaptations to cash flow management and operational efficiency challenges. How do industrial business leaders stay current while managing growth and casting vision for the future? The answers could be found in a learning environment, but never before has there been a place for continuing education in the industrial business arena. UNTIL NOW…

The INDUSTRIAL ACADEMY IS HERE. Finally there is a clearinghouse for all things industrial to assist the business leader. Course offerings provide up-to-date applicable information in business development, technology, finance, operations and leadership presented in an engaging, movement-oriented manner by those in the know. These professionals don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk with purpose and passion for building not just the industrial business but also the people who make things happen.

The Industrial Talk Podcast family looks forward to learning and growing with you!