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About The Industrial Dojo

Here in the Dojo we are about business tactics that focus on educational Speed, Conditioning, Discipline and Adaptation to Industry's changing conditions.  We want the Industrial Professional to be effectively equipped for all variables and opportunities within the Industrial Market.  We aggressively cover Industrial topics that include:

  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Sales, Marketing, Branding
  • Leadership and Culture

All are presented with concrete and applicable industrial solutions to maximize your investment of valuable time and energy!


Industrial Sales – Judging A Book By Its Cover!

02/28/2019 | 1 Comment

The fact is, we all Judge a Book By Its Cover.  When I buy a bottle of Wine, I look at the label…  If the label is cool and attractive, I'm more inclined to purchase.  Conversely, if the label is not attractive, I'm not going to purchase unless someone recommends.  Your interaction with your Customer…

Industrial Sales – Match Your Customer's Passion!

02/25/2019 | 0 Comments

Be magnetic to Industrial Prospects by being candid about your Passion and Values.  Align your Passions and Values with your ideal Industrial Customer.  Prospects that value your Passion and are aligned with your Business Vision are more likely to engage in future opportunities. Podcast Transcript:                                      The industrial talk podcast GO-BIG in just six minutes…

Industrial Sales – What is Your Customer's Passion?

02/22/2019 | 0 Comments

You need to have this conversation with your Industrial Customer.  What is their Wants, Concerns, What do they Stand For and What they dislike!  This conversation is important to align your Industrial Offering.  GO-BIG – Understand Your Customer Passion! Podcast Transcript:                                      The industrial talk podcast GO-BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a…

Industrial Sales – What Is Your Offer?

02/21/2019 | 0 Comments

What is your offer?  I have two questions; 1) Does your services or product solve a Customer Problem?  2) How do you know that your service or product solve a Customer Problem?  Answering the 2nd question and working with your Customer ensures a solid answer to the first question.  GO-BIG and understand how your offer…

Industrial Sales – Industrial Market Segmentation!

02/19/2019 | 0 Comments

Industrial Market Segmentation is a “Fancy” word for how to Find and Engage with Your Ideal Industrial Customer.  This Industrial Talk episode provides tools you need to begin deploying to expand your Industrial market.  GO-BIG – Understand how to leverage Industrial Market Segmentation. Industrial Resources: ActiveCampaign CRM. Podcast Transcript:            …

Industrial Leadership – What You Do Is Important!

02/18/2019 | 0 Comments

What you do is Important!  Never, never, never forget that.  Your actions are vital to the overall Success of your organization and families.  As a former Journeyman Transmission Linemen, I knew that it was my responsibility to keep the lights on for families and companies.  GO-BIG and recognize What You Do IS Important. Podcast Transcript:…

Industrial Marketing – My Industrial Digital Breakthrough Moment

02/15/2019 | 0 Comments

My digital Breakthrough moment and supported by the results of the Industrial Insight Poll.  After listening to this Podcast Episode, you will have no excuse for not executing on a Industrial Digital Strategy for you and your company. Podcast Transcript:                                      The industrial talk podcast GO BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a…

Industrial Marketing – Hamburgers Vs Sliders – Little Bites

02/14/2019 | 0 Comments

Hamburger vs Sliders – Marketing Little Bites for Industrial Success.  When considering your Industrial digital strategies consider the Slider approach: 1) Not overwhelming to the eyes. 2) Every bite is Delicious. 3) Quickly Consumable and Satisfying. 4) Quickly Digestible.  Go-Big and make your Industrial Digital Marketing tasty and easily consumable. Podcast Transcript:                                      The industrial…

Industrial Marketing – Digital Compounding

02/12/2019 | 0 Comments

Once again, it's about solving your Customer's problems as efficiently as possible.  Your marketing and branding must reflect this driving commitment.  You cannot be passive or disengaged from the needs of your Customer.  Your digital strategy and process is driven from your Customer's perspective.  They are the Hero in your story and you are the…

Industrial Marketing – Digital Mortality

02/11/2019 | 0 Comments

Let's talk Digital Mortality.  What is the life expectancy of your digital message?  Do you have a post-mortem strategy to minimize the rapid death of your digital message.   1. Keep focused on helping your Customer daily with meaningful industrial content.  2. FROM THE HEART, get engaged with their post and learn about their passion and…