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Here in the Dojo we are about business tactics that focus on educational Speed, Conditioning, Discipline and Adaptation to Industry's changing conditions.  We want the Industrial Professional to be effectively equipped for all variables and opportunities within the Industrial Market.  We aggressively cover Industrial topics that include:

  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Sales, Marketing, Branding
  • Leadership and Culture

All are presented with concrete and applicable industrial solutions to maximize your investment of valuable time and energy!


EP 035: Interview with Mr. Ramesh Gulati

02/15/2018 |

This week's Industrial Talk interview highlights a reliability and asset management professional extraordinaire! As a publish author, Mr. Ramesh Gulati with Jacobs has seen it all in the reliability and asset management space. In his interview, Mr. Gulati discusses his books as well as his background making him the “cream of the crop” in reliability! Find out more…

EP 034: Round Table On Recruiting and Retaining Millennial’s

02/05/2018 |

A panel of 5-Reliability Professionals discuss and shares the necessity of an effective recruiting model to attract and retain a millennial workforce. In an effort to respond to the growing economy; professionals within the industrial world recognize the need for a proactive, millennial centric solution to respond to a growing industrial market. The post EP 034:…

EP 033: 5-Points to an Effective Asset Management Communication Strategy with Industry Leader Terrence O’Hanlon

01/23/2018 |

Mr. Terrence O'Hanlon, an industry leader in all things Asset Management, discusses the vital necessity for “buy-in” at the C-level for a long-term, successful Asset Management Program.  Terry highlights the 5-points of an effective communication strategy to positively impact and grow a Reliability centric culture from top to bottom. Find out more about Terrence O'Hanlon…

EP. 032 System Security Discussion with Mr. Vincent Mihalik From Jacobs

01/17/2018 |

Mr. Vincent Mihalik is a leader in Asset Management and System Security. In our conversation, Mr. Mihalik discusses the importance of system security and the risks of not having the proper security in place when protecting your manufacturing assets. Mr. Mihalik and the rest of the Jacobs team completely understand and have the know-how to ensure that…

Ep. 031 Interview with Ms. Maura Abad

01/10/2018 |

Industrial Talk's interview with Ms. Maura Abad – Global Relationship Leader at and Director of Women In Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM). Ms Abad discusses the opportunities available for reliability professionals and the benefits of being connected to WIRAM. Please connect with Maura Abad at: Twitter: @maura_abad Facebook:  Maura Wanderlust Abad LinkedIn: The post…

EP 030 2nd Interview With Mr. Jack Nicholas

01/02/2018 |

This is the 2nd and final interview with Mr. Jack Nicholas as conducted by Mr. Buddy Lee. Once again Jack discusses the important of Industrial asset optimization, asset management and asset reliability strategies are to REAL, LONG-TERM, BOTTOM-LINE financial value to any organization! At the forefront of all things Reliable is Mr. Jack Nicholas published author of 12 books and reliability…

EP 029 Interview with Mr. Jack Nicholas

12/19/2017 |

Industrial asset optimization, asset management and asset reliability are professions that bring REAL, LONG-TERM, BOTTOM-LINE financial value to any organization! Given the rapid expansion of technology and competitive pressures, companies must begin to embrace and deploy a solid asset management program or get left behind. At the forefront of all things Reliable is Mr. Jack Nicholas published…

EP 028 Interview with Mr. Tom Schwab

12/05/2017 |

Know/Like/Trust are the goals of any industrial business developer, sales and marketer. In this Noisy Digital World, business leaders are continually bombarded with the newest must have business tools to reach their goals. Mr. Tom Schwab founder of Interview Valet, published author and speaker discusses how to leverage the power of podcast interviews to create more traffic,…

EP 027 Interview with Mr. Mark Hernandez

11/30/2017 |

We are always moving! We never stop! Publish author and noted speaker on Leadership, Mr. Mark Hernandez highlights the importance of “Calm” in the strategic development of leaders. Mr. Hernandez discusses the three points of leadership: 1. Build Relationships, 2. Equip People (Talent Management) and 3. Attitude. The post EP 027 Interview with Mr. Mark Hernandez appeared first…

EP 026 Interview With Mr. Terrence O’Hanlon, CMRP

11/21/2017 |

Asset Management, Asset Reliability, Uptime, Process Management!  These are words used by passionate Maintenance and Asset Management Professionals!  With a committed Asset Management focus, these asset tools and techniques add Real Financial Hard Dollar Savings to your company's bottom-line!  This weeks interview with Mr. Terrence O'Hanlon highlights the vital necessity and value of a disciplined and committed Asset Management…