below is everything you need to know about podcasting and the marketing reasons why you need to Podcast for your company!

Why You Need To Podcast!

With over 500 podcasts, I have come to realize that this is a very POWERFUL sales, marketing and branding platform necessary for success today and in the future.  Because the Industrial Talk Podcast platform is all about your success, we decided to provide everything you need to know about the power of podcasting in a convenient, all-inclusive content location.

In the following pages, we discuss:

  1. Why podcast
  2. Improving sales
  3. High performance marketing and insights
  4. The podcast tools needed
  5. Interviewing Strategies to gain maximum exposure
  6. Powerful prospecting solutions
  7. Content creation and much more!

We will continue to add and share insights and solutions that will help you and your company succeed beyond 2020.  It is our blunt recommendation that you need to Podcast.  You need to include Podcasting as part of your digital marketing, sales and branding mix. There is no debate! Either your company brings Podcasting in-house or find a Podcasting Platform that is in line with your Podcasting strategy and company goals.

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