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Women In Industry Podcast

Crossing the bridge to the future, step-by-step, equipped with innovation, technology and our unique gifts and talents to better serve and advance humankind.

About The Women In Industry Podcast

The Women in Industry Podcast is breaking new ground! The time has come to highlight talents and the natural giftedness women bring to the table in the industrial space.  We strive to bring to the forefront the contributions women are making on a daily basis to improve productivity, technology, efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, systems implementation, customer relations, internal communications and in a nutshell, make significant contributions to the advancement of humankind...to quite simply make life better!

Women in Industry...WE ARE YOUR VOICE!

Live From IoT World Congress Ms. Fonia Daly with NHS is Talking Sustainability Solutions At NHS

03/09/2020 |

Live from IoT Solutions World Congress, IIC Voice Podcast interviews Fiona Daly, Sustainability and EFM Workforce Lead at NHS Improvement. In this episode, Fiona talks about the a 3-pronged approach to effectively deploy sustainability initiatives at the NHS. Get the answers to your “How” questions along with Fiona's unique insights on where it's all headed…

Ms. Helena Lisachuk with Deloitte talks about The Real Application of IoT (3 of 3)

02/28/2020 |

On this episode of Industrial Talk Podcast, we finish our 3-part series on IoT and IIoT insights and solutions. In this episode, Helena Lisachuk, Director of Management Consulting and Global IoT Lead at Deloitte, talks about The Real Applications of IoT, and how to stay focused on what is real solutions and not just “shiny objects”…

Ms. Helena Lisachuk with Deloitte talks about Women in IoT and Getting Engaged (2 of 3)

02/26/2020 |

On this episode of Industrial Talk Podcast, we continue our 3-part series with 2 of 3 on IoT and IIoT. In this episode, Helena Lisachuk, Director of Management Consulting and Global IoT Lead at Deloitte, talks about Women In IoT, and how to get engaged in this exciting, transformative and innovative technology. No matter where you…

Ms. Helena Lisachuk with Deloitte talks about the positive impact of Industrial Digital Transformation (1 of 3)

02/24/2020 |

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast, we begin a 3-part series on IoT and IIoT. In this episode we're talking to Helena Lisachuk, Director of Management Consulting and Global IoT Lead at Deloitte, about Digital Transformation, what it is and why it's important. Helena does a fabulous job at removing the “fog” surrounding Digital Transformation and…

Ms. Andrea Fryrear with Agile Sherpas is talking About the Power of Agile Marketing!

02/20/2020 |

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking to Andrea Fryrear, Co-Founder of AgileSherpas about implementing Agile Marketing into your Industrial success efforts. What is Agile Marketing you ask?!? It's about marketing speed, nimbleness, insight and focus on what is truly important for bring in real bottom-line value to your company. Learn more about Andrea and her wonderful…

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The Industrial Talk Podcast family looks forward to learning and growing with you!