Jeannine Kunz and Deb Volzer with SME

Industrial Talk is onsite at FABTECH 23 and talking to Jeannine Kunz and Deb Volzer, Workforce Development Team at SME about “Workforce solutions that inspire the next generation of industrial professionals”.

Ashley Stowe with Y-12 National Security Complex

Industrial Talk is onsite at the OMG Quarterly Standards Meeting and chatting with Ashley Stowe, Director of Enhanced Technology Training Center at Oak Ridge Y-12 National Security Complex about “Improving training outcomes for our First Responders using Virtual Reality”. Tune in and hear more about the importance of the latest in Virtual Reality Standards and Ashley’s unique insights on this Industrial Talk.

Ms. Gloria Turyamureeba transforming lives and communities in Uganda through Industrial Education

In this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast we’re talking to Gloria Turyamureeba, CEO of Footprints Safaris and Passionate Industrial Educator about “The Power of Transforming People, Communities and the Country of Uganda through Industrial Education”.  Get the answers to your “Industrial Education” questions along with Gloria’s unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!

Mr. Rob Tiffany with Ericsson talks about Leveraging the Power of IoT to positively transform lives around the World!

In this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast we’re talking to Rob Tiffany, Vice President and Head of IoT Strategies at Ericsson about “Applying connected solutions to solve REAL problems for communities and people around the world”.  Through the Moab Foundation, a non-profit organization works to create a more sustainable planet through the application of connected intelligence technology design.