Amanda Ortiz with Accruent

On this episode of Industrial Talk, we're onsite at Accruent Insights and chatting with Amanda Ortiz, Training and Development with Accruent about Training, Education, Development are the cornerstones to optimizing your technology.  Here are the key takeaways:

  • Industrial IoT security and its benefits. 0:00
    • Palo Alto Networks reports improved ROI and reduced complexity with industrial IoT security.
  • CMMS training and customer support. 2:15
    • Amanda Ortiz is passionate about helping people get the most out of their CMMS software, and she creates scripts for maintenance connection videos that are free for all customers.
    • Amanda informs clients about the Accruent Academy training available to them, but admits that some may not be aware of it due to turnover in CMMS admins.
  • Maintaining software knowledge and updates. 5:07
    • Amanda discusses the challenges of keeping up with software updates and customer requests, mentioning the importance of constant learning and professional services support.
    • Scott MacKenzie asks how the team maintains relevance in a rapidly changing landscape, with Amanda highlighting the importance of staying up-to-date on best practices and software updates.
  • Software education and growth. 8:07
    • Amanda emphasizes the importance of helping customers discover software features to make their job easier, despite their busy schedules.
    • Amanda emphasizes the importance of education and keeping up with market changes in the dynamic software industry.
    • Amanda highlights the growth of their team's video content, including integrations with different products and a desire for more fun and creative content.
  • Leveraging technology for training and development. 12:20
    • Amanda Ortiz is a trooper on industrial talk, leveraging technology and education to ensure success.
    • Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn to learn more about her work in training and development.

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Welcome to the Industrial Talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge Industry Focus innovations and trends while highlighting the many women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go Alright,


welcome to Industrial Talk. Thank you very much for joining the number one industrial related podcast in the universe, backed up by data that celebrates industry professionals all around the world. Because you're bold, you're brave, you dare greatly you are changing lives and therefore you are changing the world each and every day. That's why we celebrate you on this particular podcast. As you can tell by the noise in the Basquiat background, we are at Accruent Insights. A lot of people talking back there I've been Amanda who's gonna be in who's in the hot seat. She's, she's, she's ready to go. But she's been talking to a lot of customers and then, you know, solve the problems. Make them feel good. That's gonna be great. All right. Let's get cracking. Amanda in the hot seat. Accruent company. Maintenance connection. Are you doing?


I am good. How are you? Well, happy to be here.


Are you? Are you really? Yeah. Yes, she is. It's gonna be. Yeah. Too funny. Yeah. So for the listeners out there, give us a little background on who Amanda is. Okay.


So my name is Amanda Ortiz, I've been in product training. I was at Sun Corp on with a crew event I have handled CMMS is. And yeah, just basically have built a lot of relationships with our reliability and maintenance customers throughout the years.


I gotta tell you, our conversations, offline listener has been one around how she creates the scripts around maintenance, connect, connection, excuse me, not connect connection. And I just think that that is such a invaluable skill just for training to be able to do that to be able to create something that is meaningful for the customer, to be able to get the most out of their, you know, their product, which is pretty good. What made you get into it.


I'm actually I'm I'm very passionate about helping people be successful and getting the most out of their CMMS. I know that people invest a lot of money, time energy into everything that they're doing, and especially their software. So I just want people to get the best of what they're putting their money and time into. And it's free. Yeah, so the Accruent Academy is free to all of our customers, it is included in their subscription. So for example, for maintenance connection, we create these videos will identify an issue or something that they need. And I will create the script on how to do that. And then I'll send it over to a video editor. And then they will create a video and send it back to me and we'll put it in the academy.


In your conversations with the clients that are out here. Do you make it known that they have this?


I do, because a lot of our customers don't actually know that they have it available? Um, I don't know, we send blogs, you know, we try to get on top of the way that we send the information to them. But I think you know what I think it is I think that a lot of the admins for CMMS is leave and then new people come in and not everybody is aware that they have this training available.


How do you bridge that gap?


You know what I mean? We have we've thought of like pop ups in the software that let people know right away when they log in to let them know that they have this training. And again, the blogs that that I'm in charge of every call order so. And really just just letting them know our professional services, let them know all the time. So we are trying to keep on top of it. But as a lot of people know, you know, it's hard to keep everybody you know, especially like after the pandemic and everything a lot of people have been leaving and coming. And it's just hard to keep the same employees all the time.


It would seem to me that this is an executive conversation. Because, yeah, you get this, this churn that takes place all the time. And I get that. And it seems worse nowadays. really tiring. Yeah, yeah. And the only real consistent point would be the, the executive. And it's a hey, all right, we got a new person coming out here, you got to go through this training? Do you guys have sort of like, a certification? When I like, Hey, I accomplished all of these videos in this, and therefore, I'm a level one, you know, maintenance connection? Should you?


I don't, I don't know if there's a maintenance connection. One, I think they have thought of it for other products. But But yeah, there might we might need to do that. There


you go. It's all to you. Run with it? That's a motivation, right? But so how does somebody like you and your team, keep up with all the changes that are happening? Because the conversations that I've been having with many of the people here at this event? changes it? Of course, innovation, is it? And it's happening, and it's happening in real time? Right? So how do you how do you maintain that level? And how do you deal? Got another one? How do you deal with something that's just not pertinent anymore? It's, it's yesterday's,


you know, constantly updating, we have professional services who are constantly on the phone with our customers doing implementations and just helping them be as as successful as possible, speaking with them daily. So that information, we're constantly in meetings just trying to talk about what are people asking for? What type of videos do they want? What are you know, some of the challenges that they're facing in the system where we can create short videos, or maybe it's taking too long for an hour video, maybe they want a three minute video on something just very quick. So we have started to make videos, we call them shorts, and it's basically three minute videos, how do you create a work order? How to close a work order? How do you run a report? You know, stuff like that,


based on on best practice, correct? Wow, how do you learn about it? I'm


learning every day. So whether it's speaking to professional services, or keeping in touch with support, or just watching videos that were there before, but updating the information that's changed with the updates to the software, I'm fairly new. So I've only been there about six months, but I'm learning every single day just like you know, anything else. So


what excites you about your is what's going on being


a part of people's success, and also hearing all the growth and of course, being here and meeting the customers and hearing how they're using the software and how there's so much that they haven't discovered in the software. So that makes me excited to help them discover those features and make their job easier. I am all about helping other people make their job a lot easier.


How do they? How do they not know about what what? What exists in it?


I guess it's just not being delivered right away. Like when people start I well. I mean, if you think the maintenance world, people are so busy, they're doing so many things. So the number one priority sometimes isn't learning the CMMS are getting in there right away and learning all of the capabilities. Sometimes it's like, hey, enter this work order, or you're doing 100 Other things and you're putting out fires all day and your walkie talkies going off, you're running all over the place. So at the end of the day, they're like, hey, just put in, you know the basics for this work order, but they don't know what they can keep track of, they don't know that they can, you know, predict future failures or put in their PMS or their parts of their labor or whatever it is, a lot of times people are just putting in the basics and not really learning as the time goes on. Because they become so busy.


Do you ever approach the subject of there's there's the use of the system which you you're you're constantly building your library of videos, that's a good, that's cool stuff. And that's needed. But then there's a lot of work up front, like hey, you got a legacy system. This is these are sort of the practices, general implementation type of approach you guys take into that consideration and do some some that pre stuff. Yeah,


well, we don't in my department, but professional services handles that. So they do all of that praise. And then they Keep in touch with the customer. And my department is basically just not just because it's very important, but we're doing more of the videos and Academy just keeping it going trying to stay on top of things so that all of that material is available, just in case. You know, there are people who don't want to call support or speak to professional services every day, but they want to watch videos, and we want to make sure that that content is up to date and available for them.


Do you also provide a written sort of transcript of those videos? I had this conversation with now there's maybe out of 1000 people, there's that half a person that


wants to read about it. Yeah, there's documentation? No,


so I can I can watch the video, download the documentation?


Well, the documentation is going to be a little bit different. But we do have documentation on all of those subjects. It's not the exact video script. Yeah. But but we do have, you know, like, standard work that they can go by and follow, instead of watching the videos. See, it's cool. I find it interesting.


I think it's, I think it's incredible, because I think that that real success comes around through education, and you have to be committed to it. And given the changes in the dynamic marketplace where things are changing dramatically, at a rapid pace. I mean, the only thing that i i can just sort of hang my hat on is is education, and keeping current and keeping, keeping that alive. No kudos to you and your team. What do you see?


Goodness, there's so much growth. So we have a few different software's and some of them are integrating with each other. And, you know, like I speak to my co workers, we all handle our own product. So I'm specifically maintenance connection. But there may be you know, someone next to me who does another crew and product. And since they're now making integrations, I can say, hey, maybe you should make a video together. Maybe we should talk about this integration. So there's so much that goes on. I mean, there's, I have a million different topics that I could think of just you know, tomorrow, and it takes me a little while but there's so many more videos, so much more growth and just so much more fun that our team wants to have with with all of these different products.


Are you having a good conference? Oh,


I love it. Yeah, I love sitting with the customers hearing different things that they're facing, but also just meeting the industry leaders and reliability leaders like getting a chance to meet these different people. You, Nancy Ramesh, you know all these, like those?


Absolutely. So how do I get a hold of you?


Um, I am. Do you need my email? Or like, what is it? Sure it is. Oh, well, you can find me on LinkedIn. So I'm always I'm always linked. Because I might have a bunch of questions in my email, but Amanda Ortiz on LinkedIn under Accruent, and you will see me up there training in development professional.


Amanda's, her name, your call to action is to connect with her because that is absolutely imperative. Find out more. She's, she's got a lot of energy. You are wonderful.


I appreciate it is


laffy slapper tin right here across my face. All right, we're gonna wrap it up. I'm gonna have all the contact information for Amanda out on Industrial Talk. Thank you very much for joining. We will be right back. You're


listening to the Industrial Talk Podcast Network.


How about that for stepping out of your comfort zone? There it is Amanda Ortiz, a trooper on Industrial Talk. We were at a crew at insights she is with a crew it and I gotta tell you. It's exciting to see that training, that development, that focus to ensure success. You've got the technology. It all hinges on your ability to be able to leverage the power of that technology and that's education. That's what she's doing. That's what Amanda Ortiz is doing at Accruent. All right. It does real talk. Speaking of education, Industrial Talk. We have the academy. It's all out there. It's all the marketing stuff that I do. It's all the leadership shot that I try to do. It's it's all out there in an educational platform that's warm and fuzzy and enjoyable, hopefully. So go out to Industrial Talk. Find out more about that industrial Academy. Be bold, be brave Daring Greatly hang out with Amanda. Change the world. We're gonna have another great conversation shortly. So stay tuned.

On this episode of Industrial Talk, we're onsite at Accruent Insights and chatting with Amanda Ortiz, Training and Development with Accruent about Training, Education, Development are the cornerstones to optimizing your technology. 
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