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WE are so absorbed on our digital “Thumbs-Up” we get frustrated when our efforts don't result in the “Thumbs-Up“. This 6 minute Industrial Talk Podcast focuses on setting your mind straight when it comes to Vanity Metrics. Remember, it's about solving problems for your Customer not a “Thumbs-Up“.

Podcast Transcript:

[00:01]                                    The industrial talk podcast Go Big in just six minutes a day, building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial markets. Hello out there. Be having a great day. This has been done with the industrial talk podcast. So glad that you are here. Let's get going. Let's start tackling the topic of vanity metrics.

[00:23]                                    Vanity metrics. Uh, I've really enjoyed this. This is going to be a great conversation and just want to make sure if you have not listened to the other prior podcasts that go big series a, we have established and the components associated with leadership, getting your mind right, getting your heart right, because we're going to be venturing into a digital marketing because now we're, we're focusing in on, on how to increase your market share, bottom line value, all of the stuff. And we're gonna be leveraging a lot of digital solutions in this particular series. And um, but you got to have your mind, right? You gotta have that mind, right? So go back, listen to it, commit to that because that's real important stuff because we're going to be moving fast as you know, because, uh, I think, uh, we're committed to your success, your success in your business.

[01:16]                                    So let's, let's get going. So one of the things that I want to make sure that we understand, um, when I, when we start talking about digital marketing and, and leveraging digital platform specifically for marketing, branding, sales, that attention, that awareness of your company, your profession, who you are, uh, this is just one of many little tools that you can leverage and it's powerful in the incremental costs are pretty nominal, but it is a, uh, an Arrow in your quiver that you must deploy. Because once again, as I've said it a thousand times, I'm digital, the Internet, whatever this is, is never gonna go away. And in fact, if you're not in the game, if you're not in the digital game and actively pursuing strategies, then you know your competition is so it, that's just the bottom line. It is. That's a real statement because they're going to figure it out.

[02:16]                                    But that's what we're here for, that's what a industrial talk podcast is for you, because we want you to be a success. So here's a story. I go and, and everybody says, Hey, hey, get out there post, get out there and get on your LinkedIn and post on your Facebook and posts, do some Twitters and post, let's do some Instagram and post. But there's real no cogent strategy associated with that because we got a lot to talk about. And, and what happens is that they just sort of in a haphazard way, throw it out there and hope that people give to the old thumbs up, right? And say, man, that is the most life changing thing I can even imagine. And unfortunately that does work that way. And there's reasons why. But once again, we sit there and we, um, we look at what we've done and we're not getting anything in return.

[03:12]                                    Nothing tangible. Now, one of the things that I really focus in on of outside of vanity metrics is I want real people, right? I want real companies. I'm not looking at those thumbs up. I'm looking at the quality of those individuals and that's where vanity metrics come in. So let's say I post something out there and, uh, uh, you know, I'm all about industry and uh, it gets a bunch of thumbs up. I'm going to sit there and going to figure out one why and then two, is it really valuable? Did I just post something or promote something that is a play in cats and it's more, it's more just fun to watch, but it has really no tangible results on, on your end or my end. So I'm very, very sensitive vanity metrics because a, I don't want you to think that if you're not getting any thumbs up, you're not making an impact because quite the contrary, it doesn't work that way.

[04:26]                                    And what I've learned over the, you know, number of years that, uh, you need to leverage this platform in a very strategic way and you're not going to look at vanity metrics. You're going to look at real stuff, things that provide you bottom line value. And we're going to go into what vanity metrics will be next, uh, in next conversation. But recognize that because you get thumbs up does not mean it brings value to your bottom line and just like anything else, there is a significant strategy that you need to recognize and deploy. And the first thing that I want to make sure that you get past. You're not in this business to get thumbs up. You're not in this business to make sure that people you know, like those play in cats that you posted, you're in the business of creating a bigger market.

[05:28]                                    You're in the business of creating value for your customer and you learned to use the digital platform as a way of adding value to the customer. And it also, it is critical to the know, like and trust because you will get to be known in, in your, in your actions. Hopefully you get light and then they also within that platform, trust you. Those are keys. But once again, once again, we're, we're not, we're not here to get thumbs up. We're here to create value for your customer. And we're here to bring value to your bottom line. So let's get past that because we all live in the world of the thumb

[06:20]                                    and, and we forget that that doesn't bring money, but it is a good source of saying, did, did that message resonate? Okay, we're going to continue to go. These are quick. Don't worry about it. We'll continue. And, and tomorrow we're going to talk about a digital mortality, which is very interesting too, and why it's important digital mortality. So don't worry about those metrics out there. What I'm, what we're gonna do is we're going to get you out there and we're going to get you to post and we're gonna do it strategically and in a way that makes sense so that you can begin to gain that attention, that you need to succeed in your business. Have a great day and we'll be talking tomorrow. Be Safe all the time.


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