Industrial Sales – Match Your Customer’s Passion!

Be magnetic to Industrial Prospects by being candid about your Passion and Values. Align your Passions and Values with your ideal Industrial Customer. Prospects that value your Passion and are aligned with your Business Vision are more likely to engage in future opportunities.

Podcast Transcript:

[00:01]                                    The industrial talk podcast GO-BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial market. Well, hi there, and I hope you're doing well. My name is Scott MacKenzie and walk to the industrial talk podcast. Let's get the show on the road. I hope you're having a great day. [inaudible] it's nice and cool and dry out there

[00:21]                                    once in Louisiana. Oh my goodness. I don't want somebody to come because boy it gets really good, swollen, hot and steamy up there. So anyway, we only have six minutes, so let's get going. Last uh, well it was episode 28 go big 28. We talked about really what is your customer's passion? What is their wants? What is their fears? What are their, what are they stand for? What do they stand against? What are they just sort of repel against? And having that meaningful conversation with your customer is vital. I don't care what you think it has to happen because you've got a specific offer that you want to make. And if it doesn't align with the wants and the fears and all of the stuff that you have in that conversation, then it's going to be quite a mismatch and it's going to be a difficult sell.

[01:15]                                    So what we're gonna do here today is how do you line that up in, in this episode 29 I'm going to talk about matching, matching your customer's passion if it's even possible. And I'm going to use me as an example. So whenever I have that conversation with customers who are entering into my industrial digital marketing program, it, it's, it's very candid. It's very, it's, it's very enlightening. So when I have the conversation back, I express I want to be as candid and as open as I possibly can. And so one of the things that everybody has to understand is one, this platform, my services are 100% dedicated to your success period. No, if, ands, or buts period. Dedicated to your success. It. Because if, if it's not, if I fail, if I don't match up with your expectations, then you don't win. I don't win.

[02:21]                                    But if you win, I win. So it's very important that you have that, that upfront and that's, that is my driver. I want you to be successful and I'm going to do everything I possibly can within my capabilities to be able to do that for you. It straight out, if that's not aligned with your, your wants and desires and all that, then it's a not a good fit. The second thing is, I'm very candid. Um, the reason for that is I, I, I, me personally hate wasting time. I just want to cut to the chase. It might seem to repel [inaudible] and attract some, but the reality is it, I do not enjoy wasting time and I know a lot of people do and they might want to Chit Chat and that's my fault. That's my flaw. I want to get right to the, you know, right to the point.

[03:16]                                    What does it mean? And that means I'm very candid because I want to compress the time as much as I possibly can. So if I'm dedicated to you and your success in everything that I do, then I have to be respectful of your time because I hate wasting time. And then I have to be as candid as I possibly can because I can't just, I can't just sort of nebulously sort of move around. So, so I'm, I'm very focused on that. And then the third thing is I don't have fluff. I don't want to have fluff. What, why do we have to have fluff? It communicates or it breaks down it, it creates confusion. So I don't do that and I work very hard all the time. And I'm not saying that just because, you know, I appreciate people who work very hard. And then I am always, I just, this is not a get quick rich type stuff.

[04:13]                                    It requires a lot of work. And if you win, I win. And if you know, and, and I, and I put myself in your shoes, those are my drivers, those are what I'm for and what I'm against. Those are what I always drive to. And now I can have that conversation, that very frank, candid conversation, which you have to have with your customer to see if there is a good fit. Because if there is a good fit that really addresses there, you know what they're for, what they're against and, and, and you got some similar values, then the ability to be able to provide services and solutions are much greater and better. It makes complete sense. So I'm always saying, okay, what do you about customer? And then I try to truly align who I am with my customer. Now if there's not a fit, if there's not a sort of that, that alignment that happens, that match, then there's no path forward.

[05:19]                                    I, I, I've had customers that we just didn't click and, and I know that you have had customers that just didn't click different values, whatever it might be. It's not a, it's not a positive or negative, it just, it just didn't click and remember how difficult that business was. Do you remember how, you know they were always constantly and you, you generate and you waste a lot of energy trying to help and work. And you want similarities, you want to match. That's the bottom line. So my challenge to you today is have that candid conversation that was in episode 28 figure it out, have that conversation with your customer and then come back and figure out how to align and how to match with your customer's passion. Because once you do that, and when we start talking about when we've talked about know, like and trust, you start building, you start building that. No in that like that trust that, that similarity, that caring, that friendship. It's important. I'm just telling you right now it's important and I think you can do it because I can. I'm very impatient. You talked about wife, I'm very, and I'm very intense too. So anyway, those are my qualities. Do they align with

[06:33]                                    customers? Yes. Do you want to align with your customers in the values that you have? Absolutely. Because it's about you building out that market, creating new business, all of that fun stuff. But you've got to do that from that perspective. Makes Sense. All right. Looks like 30 is going to be coming tomorrow. We're going to continue to build on this platform and a, I hope you're doing great. I certainly am, and I'm so glad that you're here and I'm honored. So thank you very much. Be Safe and thank you for joining the industrial talk podcast.

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