Xcelerate20 Features Ankush Malhotra with Fluke Reliability and the Industry 4.0 Journey and Trends

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking about the virtual event of the year- Fluke Reliability’s Xcelerate20!  Home to 3 powerful iconic brands – Pruftechnik, eMaint, Fluke Connect and Accelix. (that right-the guys with the black and yellow tools are FAR more than just hardware!)  Join forward-thinking maintenance & reliability pros as they gather, learn,  get inspired and become resilient.  On air we are speaking Ankush Malhotra, Vice President and General Manager at Fluke Reliability about “The Industry 4.0 Journey and Trends happening in a podcast COVID19 World”.  Below is a quick summary of Ankush's Xcelerate20 conference topic.  You can find out more about Ankush by the links below.

Ankush, Vice President at Fluke Reliability (Pruftechnik, eMaint and Fluke Connect), your Fortive Company, will be sharing a year in review- personally and professionally. How do we advance through adversity? How do we stay focused? Ankush will also highlight the days sessions and share some surprises!

Finally, get your exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and a series on “Why You Need To Podcast” for Greater Success in 2020. All links designed for keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market. Learn! Grow! Enjoy!


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Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's get all right. Once again, thank you very much for joining the industrial talk podcast. You know what we do we celebrate you, you industrial hero. You're bold. You're brave, you dare greatly innovate. You're changing lives and you're changing the world as we speak. That's why we celebrate you on this industrial talk podcast. You're that important? You're changing my life. I truly appreciate it. All right, hotseat time, industrial talk hotseat we've got on Ankush Malhotra, that's ma l h. o t er a. He is vice president General Manager at Fluke Reliability. He brings the lumber and truth and insights into all things reliable, and Fluke, reliability. Absolute leaders. Let's get a cracking. I'm not sure if you have a head of hair. God bless you. I don't have a head of hair. Your story. So my dad, the let's put it this way. The jeans are strong with me and my dad just because I look exactly like my dad, I wake up in the morning and go Oh, my goodness. You look like your dad. So anyway, he was bald. And when I was a kid, he'd always have these little cuts and scratches on his head. never understood why, How come he's bumping his head all the time. But he always did. And here's the sad truth. I'm bald. I bumped my head all the time. And I just I think it's a real real. There's a connection between people with Herrick you don't understand the struggle with guys like me because we just bump our heads and I remember I just leaned over bumping my head, a little side story right there. But if you're losing your hair, this is what you get to look forward to FYI, you're going to be bumping your head and you're going to say to yourself, Well, how come my heads getting in the way? Yeah, little side note there. Anyway. All right. Now we always talk about and we've been hammering on this whole industry for Dotto, which is really, really important. It is the you're just going to have to dive in and get to know what industry for Dotto is, write that down right now. Make it happen. Now industry for Dotto is like a macro of all the digitization that's taking place out there. It covers, you know, IoT, IoT, edge cloud, you know, systems associated with analytics, you name it, it's all in there. And it's all wrapped around really powerful technology. That is the truth. And Ankush. And I we really talked a lot about the where you're at on your journey, right? And from my perspective, my perspective, if you are at the beginning of that journey, if you're looking to do something, a Fluke Reliability is a great starting point. If you are in the middle of whatever journey you're on, and you're asking questions, and you're looking for solutions, again, Fluke Reliability, I would go right to them and say, Hey, this is where I'm at great people great company. And they're really focused in on helping you succeed in this this digital journey. And it's a beautiful thing. And no matter where you're at on that spectrum, on that journey, they want to collaborate. They definitely innovate. And they're there to educate every step of the way. They they just are the whole mantra. They're bold, brave, and they dare greatly because their focus is on you. All right. That's what it's all about. And it's not going away, right? It's not going away at all. paper pencil time. Get it out. We're talking about Xcelerate20. You heard me talk a little bit about that is Tuesday, November 17, through with Thursday, November 19.


It's it's got a collection of the biggest thinkers within reliability, asset management, innovation, IoT, you name it, it's covering the spectrum. And this is a virtual event. And they cover resiliency, reliability, and are you ready and it's right in line with our our mantra of saying, Okay, you got to survive, you got to rebuild, and you got to prosper and how do you do that? How do you do that in this next normal, this new normal, whatever that is, how do you do it? What are the strategies and that is through collaboration, innovation and education. Fluke is all in on that and I love the resiliency part because the That's what you've got to be because we don't know what the future holds. But I'll tell you right now, people like flute, people like john Ankush, his team, they're all into developing business of resilience. Big time. Mark my word. That's who you need to reach out to. And of course, he's got a mad stack card out there on LinkedIn big time, big time. You'll be dazzled by trust me, you go out there, type in his name. You get major street cred. Alright, let's get going. It is on Kush. He is a reliability guy. He is with Fluke Reliability. And he's not just anybody. He's the Vice President, General Manager at Fluke Reliability. Enjoy the interview. All right. I'm Ankush. Thank you very much for joining the industrial talk podcast. I'm excited for this conversation. We've been sort of playing a little tag team here on on getting on the podcast, but now it's happening. It's real. How are you doing my friend?


Thanks, Scott. Thanks for having me around. Nice. Nice to see you. And nice to see some sunshine behind you. where I am. It's been it's been cold, wet and gray.


You know, it's rare here in Louisiana that we get nice weather. It is nice weather. I just want to point that out. It is nice weather thank you for for noticing it. Because it's rarely ever nice. We just had a hurricane Come on through and went right over our house. It's like, We're fine. We survived. Well,



it's one of those years right? Dude, you wouldn't be surprised if anything more crazy can happen in 2020


It's lovely. 2020 you gotta love it. It's just a gift that keeps on giving there on Ankush. All right, let's for the listeners out there. Give us a little 411 little information a little background on who you are and why you're such an incredible professional then we're gonna get into the conversation.


Yeah, thanks God. Thanks. Yeah, so I so I My name is Ankush Malhotra I lead the Flickr liability business in as part of Fluke in spite of it's a separate business unit and Fluke Corporation. Really our focus and and and our vision and purpose really is to take care of reliability and maintenance professionals and help them with acid uptime and driving productivity and efficiency in their workflow. So we offer your product solution services to do that. I've been with I've been in this role for over a year. I'm based in London, I'm in Munich as ice as I'm speaking with you right now. We've got a division of ours proof technique, which became part of the Fluke family Fluker family more than a year ago. You know, our center of excellence and center of the universe for proof technique is here in in Munich, or is Manning just outside of Munich. So I come here often. Yeah, so I've been with flute for 14 years in a variety of different roles. God. Yeah, started started in, in rolls around continuous improvement manufacturing, moved on to the commercial side, ran a couple of businesses and then, you know, did a little mergers and acquisition work for a couple of years. And then, you know, I've been have had different roles to more recently moving into leading the flipper liability business, obviously, for me, then. Sorry, go ahead. No, no,


no, no, no. No, it is about you on Ankush. Yes, about me more about you. And I'll sit there and I'll start yammering on don't care you hammered on, I just


Well, I suppose. I've also been given feedback. I need to listen more. So there you go.


But you know, this is a podcast about you, right?


Hi, yeah.


Yeah. So you know, for me been with flute for 14 years. It's it's just incredible. The, you know, what, what, how how powerful the flute brand is, and how much how much value and meaning this is for our customers, right? The fact that a customer's an electrician who's using our tools, you know, in what is a fairly dangerous environment, uses Fluke, can trust the lights of Fluke and go home to their family at the end of the day? I think that's, that's really inspirational. And that's, that's what has, you know, got me got me excited when I joined Fluke, and I'm, I'm still here and it still gets me excited. And I think as as the more time we spend with customers and and how they tell us how we're helping them. And that's really why we're here. Our whole purpose and mission is to take care of our customers understand the pain points and see how we can innovate and bring solutions to them.


It's interesting because you did point out I mean, everybody within industry knows Fluke. I mean, Fluke. My dad he was a lineman right long ago, right? But he knew we had foot I was a kid and had soft Fluke meter in my my garage, and I was just like a little teeny thing right? And it's amazing. And everybody knows the look. And the color. It's a beautiful brand. It's a beautiful brand. There's no doubt about it. If anybody's in an MBA program, do a little brand analysis on Fluke. Fluke. Yeah, yeah, it's power. Alright, let's, let's talk a little bit about where Fluke is now. Now, Fluke Reliability. Can you give us a little clarity? Like, like, we're talking Fluke, reliability, great team, great people, great solutions. All that is wonderful. How does it sort of mesh in with that other Fluke? Where does it lie?


Yeah, so you know, so think of think of it this way, right up. At the end of the day, when our maintenance and reliability customers come into work, you know, what they're really trying to see is, you know, they're trying to manage the day and they're using and interacting with software, which manages that workflow. So we offer a solution called email, which is a computerized maintenance management system software that allows our customers to do their job effectively and manage their workload. And it also is the so that's one aspect. And then, at the end of the day, our customers are, are, are looking at critical machines and seeing how do they manage the uptime? How do they reduce downtime? How do they get early warning signals? How do they make sure they're being more predictive, less reactive. And we've got a suite of products from you know, which are think of these are measurement devices, or data sources, which are really collecting data. They're collecting data, so it can give some useful insight to our customers. And they can make decisions which allow them to meet their objectives. So proof technique, Fluke, has a series of those products. So within Fluke Reliability, we've got a suite of products, I'd say handhelds sensors, online products, it doesn't matter depends on the application, all of these really meant to collect that data, and bring it and serve it back to the customers and give some powerful insight. And then on the other end, you know, we offer Field Services. For us, it's really about, you know, our customers or customers or various parts of the journey in terms of moving from reactive to predictive, a lot of them are stuck. A lot of them are looking for help guidance in terms of how to where to focus, how do we, you know, you have many assets in the facility, which ones to go after. And I think our experts at add our liability services are really there to help our customers do that, be that partner for a customer, and help them along that journey, right, bring some technical capability, and supplement what our customers do and, and and, and eventually help help meet those goals. So all of this is really coming together as Fluke Reliability. And you know, the other other thing, Scott, and I think we'll talk a little bit about this is really around what's happening is, you know, IoT, IoT industry 4.0, you know, big, big, whatever it may be. But at the end of the day, there is an opportunity here, not only for, for us, but more for our customers to really see how they can harness some of the data that's being generated. So it can help them make these, get these insights and make some decisions to manage, you know, factory uptime and asset uptime. And I think what we want to do is we want to be, we want to help our customers to be the system of record, to allow them to do that. So you know, we, you probably heard about this, Scott, we have Excel x, which is our data platform, that's really the center of, of what we want to offer our customers that allow customers to pull in data from different sources, take it into Excel x, pull data out of that through applications, and then see that data in a meaningful way all around an asset and to make decisions. And, and, and we believe that Fluke, we have the depth and breadth of the technologies we offer, which gives us a unique opportunity to serve our customers and help them with this.


See, what I hear you saying there is the fact that it looks like if I'm in the if I have a desire to have a real reliability centric mindset, it makes sense for me to code to a Fluke Reliability and be able to suit you can pretty much handle everything and everything in between. and somebody might chirp at me and say industry for Dotto, and I might that gives me a little nervous but Fluke Reliability has you covered in that sense? I mean, it really does. Absolutely,


yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And what and really our value proposition is it doesn't matter where you are in your journey will partner with you. And also if you're if you're looking for if you're looking for a sensor just to collect data, we got that if you're looking for services to help you collect the data, we got that right. If Looking for the software and the analytics that helps you, you know, get insights out of the data, we got that right. So it really depends on where you are what helped you doing. And ACO really is to partner with you.


Perfect. I love that explanation. And if I'm just at the beginning of my digital journey, partner with you guys, because you can take me from beginning to end now, with that said, right? Being Human being a person, pre virus, I had all my I had my strategies to move forward in two to five years, I'm going down this road of this industry for Dotto, and then all of a sudden the virus hits, boom, now all of a sudden, that digital conversation needs to happen. What do you see that's happening in the marketplace? Because businesses need to be far more reliable need to get that data need to make those tactical decisions based off of information? Where do you see the businesses are going wrong? Right now?


Yeah, no, it's a great, great question, Scott. I think, as we think about COVID, and the impact, like, like any other business, COVID has had a severe impact on a business when we think about our customers, you know, who are either on furlough or or not, you know, not spending because of the uncertainty. But at the same time, I think we COVID also gives a little bit of acceleration to a little bit of the digitization that we're talking about, right. I think, I think I think if if where customers were and how customers were getting more adapting to this changing environment, I think COVID has Xcelerate20d this by a few years, I would say, and a lot more customers are, are now open to having those conversations, they are ready to have those conversations. And a lot of those conversations really are on on. I'm no, I'm not in my facility as much. I don't have enough people in my facility. I don't have enough out, you know, consultants coming in because of new restrictions that I have, because of COVID. And and this is where I think, I think where we've made a pivot as well, you know, we offer we've got a, you know, 100 plus people strong, strong organization of fuel service professionals, who are experts who go in, day in and day out and help our customers. And by the way, we'll be doing that through COVID. Right, making sure you know, they're taking all the right precautions, but still serving our customers. But one of the pivots we've made here is how do we offer some of these services and do them remotely? Right? How do we make sure that we can help our customers plug ourselves into customers, and there's, again, technology that's, that's enabling this to happen? You know, data is more ubiquitous, you know, having a cloud infrastructure really helps. At the end of the day, if you're able to access the data, we can give early warning signals, we don't need to get onto the site, we just need to be able to collect the data, understand the the environment in which these machines are working, get that contextual data and be able to provide that insight. So in our, in my view, COVID is really going to Xcelerate20 some of the digitization that was taking place in industrial plants.


See, it's interesting, because I agree with you, 100%. And in fact, now, the COVID situation is a dual edged sword. Yeah, there's a lot of pain on one side there is. But I find that the struggle, whatever that looks like, wherever we're living through, the struggle makes you focus in on truly what is meaningful, and why it's important. You don't have to deal with all the fluff, you just go right to the point, why is it important? And then all of a sudden, because reliability it it's always a people and culture thing, pre virus, right? But that all of a sudden, that culture, and those people are saying we need to be more reliable, we need to have that asset up, we need to be able to see the data, we need to be able to analyze that data in an effective way. Because we have these restrictions. And our only solution is this innovation innovative approach to our data. And as Yeah, it's it was their pre virus, but nobody really wanted to play in that. That now. It's now it's real. It's cool.


Yeah. Now Now, now, it's not sure because you have you know, you could supplement that earlier, or by being present by getting that expert in now. It is and i think i think the the ROI is also a lot of our customers are saying yeah, this makes sense. Right? Because now I can prove it. Right. I can see it. I think I think so to me that that's probably one very meaningful change that we're seeing happening in our customers and how they are reacting to this and I think it also gives us an opportunity to to listen to them and see how we can help and remote condition monitoring or offering remote expert services is probably our our way to do that. I did want to also add yeah No, this this, there's been a couple of other things we've done Scott here. And I think it speaks to the resilience. And the innovative mindset of our team is, you know, we introduced a new product called clean meat. There's a lot of and just loves just like us, right, we've got a lot of our customers, we've got large workforces who are coming into work. And they want to make sure that giving them a safe and healthy environment, that our customers that are that they are that employees feel comfortable, that they can come into work and do their job effectively. But also all the right hygiene protocols are being followed. So we repurposed our evening product. And we did this really quick write it for over just over a few weeks, we put up we put a tiger team together, we spent a lot of time with customers understood the pain points, we put this product together and said, we can help our customers manage that workflow of making their their their workplace more hygienic, more, more, more, more clean, sanitized, so our customers, employees feel comfortable coming in. So I'm really proud to see some of the work that team did, in terms of how quickly we did it. But also, at the end of the day, we were this, this was a small way to see how we can create how we can help our customers in these difficult times.


I, I like that. And that speaks to the first off the culture of Fluke Reliability. But when we start talking about heroes of manufacturing, and in manufacturing, in general, just you follow a process, you do the certain thing and do it better, better, better all the time. And, and disruptions are not real, really embraced within manufacturing. But here, you were able to take a tiger team, which is I would imagine a quick strike team, look at your EA product, put a clean component to it. And now you're serving the market and you're benefiting people right now two weeks.


Right? That's powerful. Yeah, I like that a lot. Yeah, yeah, I think I think the team did a fantastic job. And and you know, proud proud to be on that team.


Now. It's a Clean Maint ma i n t. So back for people who are interested in a product like that, which you have to be the manufacturers industry, you're, you're going to have to be able to verify and validate that these individuals are safe. So yeah, from the virus Safe, safe, whatever. Because I would imagine if I had my hat on, and I was running that particular facility, I don't want to come down with somebody, or have an incident where somebody had COVID because it just shuts you down. Absolutely. When it shuts you down into at the end of the day, we want to give the comfort and the confidence to our employees. That is that they can make it you know that they can go back home to their families. And and and not needing to think twice, right? Because I mean, this is CES this this it's been a hard time. That is an absolutely excellent point. I'm going to shift gears a little bit, because I can your please, because that's who I know. So in light of all of this great stuff. Don't get me wrong. This is phenomenal stuff. Now you have an event coming up. And I think it's November 17 through the 19th. It's called Xcelerate20 20. Tell us a little bit about that.


Yeah, no, thank you for asking. Right. So, you know, it's an event that we've been doing for many years, it's really a two, you know, the way I would put it, it's really a celebration of bringing some of the industry experts or customers, potential customers, but just a community of individuals and organizations that want to best learn about best practices benchmark against each other, and just share some of the ways in which they do things around reliability and maintenance. How do they make sure that they can do their jobs better? And we've been doing this for years, we we put together this you know, in person, event, which this year, obviously, we're going to do this virtual, we put together a great list of speakers and industry experts. But really for someone who is who is looking to see okay, you know, I encourage it, encourage anyone who's listening to this goal, look up, look up the website and and go look up the agenda. There's some great examples of best practices, you know, from our customers and potential customers. So just sharing, what are they doing in terms of how are they getting more predictive in their, in their maintenance practices? How are they getting more efficient in their reliability and maintenance practices? And, and there's something in this for everyone. And I think that's one aspect. The other is we're bringing some experts who are, you know, 3040 years of experience in this industry and sharing some of some, some of their learnings which I think we can all learn from. I the one thing do want to mention and you know, this kind of speaks a little bit to where we are in, in these in these crazy times with the virus and everything, but also this, this, this digitization that we've been talking about, you know, we've been using three words to describe our event, its reliability, its resilience, and it's ready. Yeah. And and it speaks a little bit to, to what the agenda is set up, right? It's all about reliability. How do you make your facility and your critical assets more reliable? It's about this readiness, it's about Are you ready to embark on this journey? If we believe the market and the COVID has created situation that our customers are more ready? Right? So how do you how do you think about this, you know, readiness from that point of view. And I think the third thing is resilience, I think if there's anything the last six months has taught, and the one word that comes to me is really around is, is resilience is resilience. As I think about our employees at Fluke Reliability, its resilience, as I think about how our customers are dealing with this, and still, you know, coming out of this on the other side, stronger, smarter and more efficient in how they do their work. I'm telling you right now that this Xcelerate20 and, and, and listeners, it'll be out on the industrial talk podcast, I'm gonna, I'm going to create that link, it's going to be there. So Fear not, but don't come to me and say, Scott, I can't find it, I will call you on that one, because it's going to be out there on death, just real talk. Now, what's interesting is when we start talking about resilience,


I've had a number of conversations on Kush, with companies that are saying, I'm trying to just survive, I'm trying to rebuild. And I want to try to prosper in this next normal, new, normal, whatever it might be. And at the heart of this particular conference, is resiliency is reliability, are you ready, you need to if you want to do that, you need to really pay attention to this particular conference, because it addresses surviving, rebuilding and prospering because it's important. The other aspect that is really, that you brought it up, is the need to collaborate, collaborate with people internal and external to your organization, because they might have answers, you need to innovate, you need to constantly innovate not just from a technology point of view, but how do you do your business, and then finally, educate, and Xcelerate20 does all of that it's all one stop shop. So I'm a big fan of Xcelerate20. And once again, you guys put on a great product and, and show virtual, even if it's virtual,


you know, thank God, I think that's the other thing with virtual I think, for for a lot of your listeners, and, and, and, and maintenance professionals and reliability professionals, industrial plants, you know, it gives you an opportunity to do this, you know, without needing to get on a plane, it allows you to do this, and and be focused in where you want to spend your time. So I think in some sense, it gives, it gives a lot more people an opportunity to participate with some great content that we're trying to put together with with some of the experts.


I'm telling you, because it's a brave new world out there. And I mean, it's changing our DNA as we speak business DNA. So events like Xcelerate20 and virtual and being able to talk to you virtually and and that they're powerful, and it's going to be difficult, just FYI. When we get over this hump, whatever that looks like, you know, businesses are going to say, Do I really need to go to that conference? Or can I just do something here? Do I need to be out at that facility? Or can I deploy innovation that allows me to do it remotely? And I guarantee you, it's always the latter.


Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right.


Are you active out on LinkedIn? Because your stat card already dog gun impressive. I'm just telling you guys, it's impressive.


Thanks, Scott. Yes, I am active on LinkedIn. Yes, I'd be happy if anyone has any questions that you could come clean out of this podcast. If anyone wants to learn more about expel rate or any of our services or products or solutions, I'll be happy to help or if anyone wants to, you know, join our join a community and be part of the conversation of how we can, how we can help maintenance and reliability Xcelerate20 to the next next step. So I'd be happy to happy to share and and connect.


Alright, no excuses out there. So when you go out to a stack guard, I want you to type in and put on Kush. ANKU sH write that down. In the next name. The last name is Malhotra.


Well, that's God.


And I guarantee you, you type that in right? You're gonna find them good looking guy. Beautiful beard. You know you can't miss them. Fluid proof technic, you got it? It's all right there on Ankushing. This was an absolute wonderful conversation.


Thanks, God. Thanks for having me here. I know Look forward to seeing you somewhere soon in person and till then stay safe.


Yeah, it's gonna be virtual for the foreseeable future. Most definitely. All right, listeners, you're gonna have to stay tuned, we're gonna wrap it up on the other side. I'm going to provide all the contact information back up, Xcelerate20 everything that you can possibly manage it. So do not go away. We will be right back. You're listening to the industrial talk Podcast Network.


You're saying to yourself, I know you are. You're saying yourself. Yep, that was on Ankush. moho drop. That's ma l h. o t RA, you got to reach out to him. Once again. His LinkedIn stack part is absolutely dazzling. Everything you need to get ahold of him. Also, we'll have it out on industrial talk comm you know that look for his podcast, and all of the people that are speaking at Xcelerate20 20 which is a great virtual conference that you need to be a part of. Again, it is Tuesday, November 17. To Thursday, November 19. I have the link out there on industrial talk com find out, find on Ankush’s, podcast, click on that link takes you right to where you need to join in. Be a part of this community. I'm telling you right now, if you have a decision to be a part of a reliability community. This is the one be bold, be brave, dare greatly change the world. That's what we're talking about hanging out with people that are like that, you will not be disappointed. Take care. We're gonna be back with another great interview shortly.



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