EP 011 Interview with Mr. John Grubbs and Ms. Amanda Martin at the EHS Conference in Galveston TX

At the EHS Conference in Galveston TX, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Mr. John Grubbs and Ms. Amanda Martin.  Both are experts in their field.  Mr. Grubbs is the world's most expert on generational change in the workplace.  How do you hire and retain the talent in this changing industrial environment – Mr. Grubbs is a great resource for answers.  Check out John's website to learn more.

Ms. Amanda Martin is the Business Development, Team Lead at EMSI Environmental Services.  Ms. Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within the EMSI family of talented professionals.  For more information about how EMSI can help you, I highly recommend taking a look at the website and contact Ms. Martin for assistance.

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I am Scott MacKenzie, husband, father, and passionate industry educator. From humble beginnings as a lathing contractor and certified journeyman/lineman to an Undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Business Administration, I have applied every aspect of my education and training to lead and influence. I believe in serving and adding value wherever I am called.

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