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"Mocana" means to set the connected world free. Mocana's Mission is to protect families, cities and countries by enabling devices of every kind to be trustworthy and run securely and freely.

Mocana Podcast strives to deliver, through digital media, the education and increased awareness necessary to equip its listeners with 21st century tools, ideas and applications. Mocana's mission to protect countries, cities and families will be thoroughly discussed and explained within very lively, inspiring and motivating interviews. Listeners will develop deeper understanding of Mocana's vital role in securing trustworthy devices for all sectors of industry and daily life because Mocana makes protection personal...its about YOU.

EP 056: Interview with Mr. Steve Miller

10/03/2018 |

“Harsh Reality: Being better than your competition isn't good enough anymore.” This is a quote from this weeks interview with Mr. Steve Miller founder of Adventure LLC and Author of Uncopyable – How to create an unfair advantage over your competition. You know that Industrial Talk is passionate Industrial Success, Steve's interview does not disappoint. Steve nails the…

EP 055: Interview With Mr. Jim Whitt

09/25/2018 |

Purpose! Nothing in my industrial professional journey has impacted me greater than realizing the need for Purpose in my personal and professional life. Giving of yourself for other to succeed is extremely rewarding and the richness of life. This weeks interview is with Mr. Jim Whitt the Founder and Managing Partner with Purpose Unlimited. Jim discusses his journey…

EP 054: Interview With Ms. Teresa Swinton

09/18/2018 |

SUCCESS!!! Do you want your team, organization and company to be put into a position of Success?!?, Of course! That means cutting edge Human Performance training and solutions. This week's interview is with Teresa Swinton, Founder and CEO of Paradigm Human Performance where they turn theory and research into tangible deliverable that achieve real results, by helping…

EP 053: Interview With Ms. Estie Rand

09/04/2018 |

Question: are you in the digital game? Are you leveraging technology to Brand, Market and to fill that Opportunity Funnel for your Industrial Company? Are you expanding your Market Share? Fear not, this week's Industrial Talk interview is with Estie Rand, Founder and CEO of Strand Consulting and she has the answers to your digital marketing questions. Estie's purpose…

EP 052: Interview with Mr. Joseph Yoklavich

08/16/2018 |

LOCK IT DOWN!  Understand the criticality of your communications!  You need an industrial grade solution and policy to ensure that your in-house communications are effective and secure – there are no second chances, deal with it today….  Industrial Talk Podcast interviews Mr. Joe Yoklavich, Director of Sales with Vaporstream.  In the interview, Joe discusses the…

Ep 051: Interview with Mr. Steve Reinharz

08/16/2018 |

Technology is everywhere and in the industrial world, technology gives industrial companies the ability to do more with less and be effective. When it comes to leveraging technology and improving our industrial security and safety, Robotic Assistance Device (RAD) leads the way! Industrial Talk Podcast interviews Mr. Steve Reinharz CEO of RAD. Steve communicates his security passion and how…

Ep 050: Interview with Mr. Joe Snyder

08/16/2018 |

Blockchain! It is the future and it will positively impact you and your company! Industrial Talk Podcast interviews Mr. Joe Snyder with Lannister Holding and they are the leader in understanding and leveraging this incredible and powerful technology. Find out more about Joe Snyder and Lannister Holdings at: LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/lannister-holdings-inc/ Joe Snyder on LinkedIn Website: https://www.lannisterholdings.com/ The post Ep 050:…

EP 049: Interview With Mr. Dan Konstantinovsky

08/01/2018 |

As an industrial professional, company or both your focus is simple; how do I keep my operations running efficiently and safely and how do I expand my market share – it's about the bottom line. This weeks Industrial Talk interview is with Mr. Dan Konstantinovsky with RH Blake a leader in B2B marketing solutions. Dan discusses the…

EP 048: Interview With Mr. Luke Wyckoff

07/10/2018 |

Reality Check – Digital media is here to stay.  Question, what are you doing to “Humanize” your brand, your product and your company?  How are you leveraging your digital platforms for revenue optimization and blue ocean opportunities?  In short, you need a powerful digital media strategy – no exceptions.  If you are not actively engaged…

EP 047: Interview With Mr. John Grubbs

06/20/2018 |

Millennial's – How do companies adapt to attract, motivate and sustain an ever changing workforce? The fact is, if companies don't adjust and don't recognize the monumental shifts happening in the workforce, they run the risk of being irrelevant. John Grubbs discusses the concrete change management steps needed to ensure companies flourish and avoid becoming irrelevant. Find out…

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Industrial Academy:

The world is changing fast! Industrial businesses are juggling every facet of business maintenance and growth, ranging from technological/digital media adaptations to cash flow management and operational efficiency challenges. How do industrial business leaders stay current while managing growth and casting vision for the future? The answers could be found in a learning environment, but never before has there been a place for continuing education in the industrial business arena. UNTIL NOW…

The INDUSTRIAL ACADEMY IS HERE. Finally there is a clearinghouse for all things industrial to assist the business leader. Course offerings provide up-to-date applicable information in business development, technology, finance, operations and leadership presented in an engaging, movement-oriented manner by those in the know. These professionals don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk with purpose and passion for building not just the industrial business but also the people who make things happen.

The Industrial Talk Podcast family looks forward to learning and growing with you!