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NEOM is aiming for Industry 4.0 — would you be able to explain what that means and how it's possible?

Net-zero means that we do not put any water back into the sea from desalination, so zero liquid discharge. Net-zero also means that we do not put any CO2 into the environment because we are running completely on renewable energy, whether that is pumping water, treating water, desalination or dealing with wastewater. All of that is on net zero energy. We are looking to put zero CO2 into the atmosphere and want to utilize all renewable energy. Net-zero means we treat all the wastewater, so none of it goes back into the environment. We have zero solid disposal, utilizing the solids to make products. We also will be making products out of seawater. If you can take the water out of the sea and solidify that CO2, you are benefiting the environment. Net-zero also means zero runoff. One of the biggest problems that you have around the world now in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, Paris and New York is that when it rains, all the stormwater runoff takes all the oil from the cars along with it — and it takes all the pesticides from the trees and gardens. The reason why the Great Barrier Reef is dying today is because there are a huge number of sugar cane fields on the East Coast of Australia and they use pesticides. When it rains, those pesticides run into the rivers and into the sea — meaning those pesticides kill off the Great Barrier Reef. They have only started figuring that out in the last 10 years or so. So net zero runoff also means making sure that it does not go into the sea and impact our environment.

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