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Innovation with a heart. Conversation with Stephanie, Bill and Rob True Industry Heroes!

In this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast we’re talking to Stephanie Atkinson, Bill Schmarzo and Rob Tiffany, about “Technology and Innovation with a Heart to change lives, communities and the world!”  All three are Industry Heroes!

We in industry must be about serving others and improving lives without the expectation of anything in return.  These three industrial professionals embody such a purpose.  Hear their story of sacrifice and giving on this Industrial Talk interview!

My Shameless Beef With Webinars, The Struggle is Real.

😩 Am I the only one thinking that webinars are painful and sub-optimal? Do you have Zoom fatigue? And is Death by PowerPoint the best we can do? I know our message needs to get out but is there a better way? The answer is “Yes” and I have some thoughts on making this whole virtual world less Root-Canalish. 

Rob Tiffany talks about Technology with a Heart and the Moabfoundation.org Project

In this week’s Industrial Talk Podcast and in conjunction with IoT Solutions World Congress, we’re talking to Rob Tiffany – VP and Head of IoT Strategy at Ericsson about “Technology for Good and using Technology to Help People and Communities around the world at the Moab Foundation”.  Get the answers on how to help and how to participate along with Rob’s unique insights and Purpose on this Industrial Talk interview!