Brian Quock and Scott Mook Hybrid Generation

On this episode of Industrial Talk, we're onsite at PowerGen and talking to Brian Quock with ANA and Scott Mook with Evergreen Mobile Power about delivering mobile hybrid generation solutions.  Here are the key takeaways:

  • Hybrid energy storage and hair loss at industry conference. 0:04
    • Brian Quock discusses hybrid energy storage and hair loss at industrial conference.
  • Energy storage and generators for residential and commercial use. 2:14
    • Brian discusses his role in energy storage division at Alliance North America.
    • Brian explains how their system uses batteries and generators to provide power, with a focus on reducing emissions and fuel burn.
    • Scott describes a hybrid solution for power outages, using a propane generator and a smaller, lighter juice box for backup.
    • Energy boss is a propane solution that can be deployed easily and towed with a pickup truck, making it a more portable option.
  • Battery technology and its advantages. 9:19
    • Brian highlights the advantages of their battery technology, including longer cycle life and smaller size compared to lithium batteries.
  • Cost-effective and efficient propane-powered equipment for various industries. 11:30
    • Scott highlights the cost advantages of using propane-powered generators, including lower maintenance and operational costs compared to diesel.
  • Energy solutions and backup power. 13:28
    • Brian demonstrates a portable energy storage system that can extend the life of a generator and reduce maintenance costs.
    • Scott discusses the benefits of using a Juice Box for off-grid energy storage, including reduced costs and increased efficiency.
    • Brian and Scott discuss their collaboration on an energy solution called “Energy Boss” and their LinkedIn profiles.

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Welcome to the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring the cutting-edge Industry Focus innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go. Alright,


once again, thank you very much for joining Industrial Talk. We are broadcasting on site power Gen 24. New Orleans, Louisiana is the location and it is great. There's a lot of people running around technology everywhere you're, you're slipping in it. It is fantastic. We get to have great conversations with a tremendous amount of professionals here that are solving problems. And plus, it does Real Talk is a platform that is dedicated to you industrial professionals all around the world. You are bold, you are brave, you dare greatly you innovate. Of course you collaborate. You solve problems each and every day. And that's why we celebrate you on this platform. Take that to the bank. All right. We have a two gentleman conversation. Brian, say your last name Brian Quock and Scott Mook. All right. Let's get cracking. Yeah. guys having a good conference.


Yes. Awesome. It's been great. Why?


Why is it Why is it a great conference, Brian. A lot


of interest in hybrid energy storage using the latest and greatest propane generators. She's Brian.


You're a pro. You're a pro at this man. You just segue right into it. Yeah, man. And what about you, Brian? You haven't a good conference. Same thing. You gotta you get to listen to Brian


O'Brien Yeah, like this guy.


Well, why would you know, he's got a head of hair. And he was complaining about how he's losing his hair. And it's like it was


at the turn, turn backwards because it's growing a lot.


Such as life.


You think these headphones will mess up my hair for the rest of the day? Yeah,


we're all envious of your hair. Very good. All right. Before we get into the conversation, Brian, give us a little background on who you are.


I am Brian Kwok. I work in product management for ANA. That's Alliance North America based in Henderson, Nevada. Yes, beautiful. Las Vegas suburb. Yeah, growing like crazy. Yeah. There we have our headquarters.


We by the way, I grew up in Barstow. No, yes,


I love it. Now you're lying. I've been to Del Taco and there it is right


there, Del Taco. That's the original tip. Go to Barstow eat a Del Taco,


get the extra hot sauce. Yes, there it is. But I'm in the energy storage division. And it's kind of a unique position to be working for a generator, distributor or manufacturer, building energy storage, hybrid systems. We've incorporated the best engines. So sitting next to one of them. And building I say that because


I'm sitting here he is he's sitting, I was just gonna say you have to.


But we believe that integrating the best technologies on the same platform in a mobile format is going to meet a lot of the needs in this energy hungry world where infrastructure is lacking and certain areas. So don't


don't go in and out. We're gonna have that conversation. Let's go. Let's shift on over to Scott here. Got a little background on who you are. And a little bit about your company there.


My name is Scott milk, and I run the sales, marketing and dealership programs for evergreen mobile power. And we manufacture a product called the juice box, which is a propane fuel generator with 25 Kw capability really captured in the United States, St. Louis, Missouri,


right to get one for free from my house. Absolutely.


There it is. We have that. We're


giving away coupons from two to 210.


Check it out. All right. Well, very good. All right. Let's talk a little bit about that generator. Give us a structure. What does that look like? How do you incorporate the fuel for that? Tell us about that. Okay, I'm looking at Brian, go for it.


All right. So what we put is a nice integration of the best energy storage system but now we're not the biggest bank in the house. We use our batteries for its peak performance, and we use only 15 kilowatt hours and 25 kilowatt hours today for our systems and we get power from generators. We're looking for 20 to 25 Kw output that's used mainly just to charge the batteries. And we cycle those batteries, three, four or five times a day. We use the generators at its peak performance. So we start, we start them up, okay. And we run them for about an hour, hour and 15 minutes per cycle.


per cycle,


what's a cycle?


So when there's a three to five or seven kilowatt load, all that power comes out of the energy boss is our product comes out of the batteries, okay? It's either for ad to a way to 40 or one toy. And once the batteries get down to about 5%, it signals the generator. I need to recharge. That's right.


So how quickly can you charge them?


We can charge them quickly as as fast as that generator can can spit out we can we can take it in and charge those batteries up to four c. So that's four to four C, four C that that means four times the amount of batteries. We have got


it for charge time. You nailed it with an hour and 15 minutes earlier when the battery bank is depleted. Yeah, generator only runs for about an hour and 15 minutes to recover that energy. And then back over to matterI for That's


right. It's just primarily residential. Oh, no, no, no commercial. It's commercial. This is commercial. I have a commercial home.


There you go. So you throw in a propane he's working hard. No, no, in our journey to zero. That's our that's our tagline. Propane is the next step in our journey to zero. So we're trying to eliminate as much emissions as possible. reduce as much fuel burn as possible, using our integrated battery technology.


So got your generator? Yes, sir. Is a propane specifically it is you can also run it on that gas. Yeah, either one. But those are the two primary for your sources Florida.


So give us an example. Paint the picture of a 25 watt kilowatts. Yes, sir. Paint a picture of what that load looks like.


For example, to relate to your home. Yeah, if you had an average home of say 2020 500 square feet and you lost power, if you had a juice box in that area, you could run your house, your neighbor's house, another neighbor's house across the street, you could probably run three average sized homes and 25 kilowatts where the power


see now that is is very cool. says you have to be good friends with your neighbors again.


You need a little bit of a chord though. Yeah,


I was. It was so funny when I was walking into the building. And I'm thinking about my neighborhood. And and of course, I you know, we live in Louisiana. So we get storms. And then of course there's power outages, and so on and so forth. And I was thinking we have a neighborhood, couldn't we just sort of sort of pool our resources and get something that is just a little standalone ish. Why not? There's there's plenty of solutions around here. That's right.


Yeah, but there's only one energy boss propane solution.


That's so so Okay, so now now. Okay, energy boss. When when I need to hook it up, is it is it difficult to deploy?


The hybrid solution? Yeah, just just a hybrid solution. I just don't want to hide it at all. So all of that is set up on a trailer to actual tandem trailer. Yeah, pull it just you pull up a pickup truck. Yeah. The juice box by itself is a smaller unit. It's a great beam 1800 pounds, you can come get it with a rav4 if you want to do it's a small lightweight unit and it's lighter than diesel. So it gives you a little bit less. What is required to tow these things around the country. Income, get it with something small or even incorporating it with batteries. With Brian's technology, you can still pull up with a pickup truck, you don't need a giant dually or any these kind of things and move this equipment around. See


that's, that's good. Tell me about your battery technology.


So how's it different from it is different? Okay, there is nobody here on the floor that even knows. Unless they're in the battery technology world. Yeah. Yeah. Because we cycle them so much. And we don't even have to cool or heat these batteries. They could be up right now they're in northern Canada at minus 50. And they're operating. When no kidding really. Right now our batteries work at minus 40 and below. They work at plus 65 degrees Celsius, so hits 130 100 130 233 degrees. Our system will work. And not too many other systems can do that. No, I will say that and have the cycle life because we do we do cycle three to five times a day. If you were to use the standard LFP battery, that's lithium ferrous phosphate. Yeah, you'd run out of cycle life at about two and a half years.


Yeah, because that just brings up that point, it's just like, there's a consumption of the, that the product inside that eventually just, you're just gonna have to replace it. Right?


So we use a special chemistry called lto. No secret, we have it on our to our data sheets. Yeah. We love the battery, we love the supplier, we love the support that these these batteries. And the manufacturer provide gives us the flexibility to offer smaller sizes and powerful packages. So we can put 15 kilowatt hours of batteries, where a lithium battery, we need 60 kilowatt hours of batteries, that's, you know, four times the size and weight. So we're trying to keep ours mobile, like Scott said, you know, put on a trailer and f150 or, you know, Chevy can haul it.


But you can't you can't ignore the fact that there's a cost component. How do you how do you compare? How does your solution your combined solution, Scott, compare with alternatives out there.


For us from juice box standpoint, I can't speak about Brian's hybrid package. He knows the details. But for us, the price cost is very similar initial acquisition cost of diesel. However, the maintenance and the operational costs are far cheaper. We have to maintain our diesel stuff every 100 hours usually cost a couple 100 bucks to do so yeah, we can change the juice box and service every 500 hours for 50 bucks, because we use the propane platform. So it's clean burn technology. So we don't get a lot of oil changing. We don't accelerate where? Yeah, tremendous advantage, and also a very profitable machine and the rental industry.


And it's mobile. So do you do you have like, like your fuel source? Because everybody, let's just let's just be the certificate real? You know, the only propane. I know it's exists with people that are living out in the country, and they got this propane tank and did I'm trying to picture you can't come to my house and without a tank. So is that sort of as by looking at it right. Now?


You're looking at it exactly correct. And it's a it's a good question. I got a statement. So the fuse box has 64 gallons of on board and a provision to hook an external tank. So this thing is very popular on long term use for homebuilders. Yeah, construction site job site. So when we drop a juice box to supply energy for the source, we will also drop an additional say 250 or 500 gallon propane tank, and we let the machine run for a month. And then let the propane provider combined fill it back up and we keep on going. I want to pull it on a skid. It will run for approximately 30 hours on your loan on its own merit with just a few of us on board. Yeah. Okay. That's standalone independent work and run for a long series of time.


What about your batteries?


So with our batteries combined with his propane generator, so now we only run it maybe three, four hours a day versus 24? Yeah. So we extend the life of his generator, his maintenance cycle. We use our batteries continually for we could do 90,000 cycles if we need to. Wow, unheard of. Wow. That is Yeah. So we extend the life of his engine. Our batteries are just fine. The resale value to whoever owns these equipment. It's extended 20 years.


Could I theoretic? Everything goes back to me. It's your show. Back to me is I could be just pretty much disconnected from the utilities. Yeah,


you got it. That's right. would


use the juice box in that platform. Some of the propane marketers build offsite storage facilities outside of metro areas. And they were having utilities come in, charge them a couple $100,000 or bring them power in a transformer in order to power up these things. They grab a juice box. They set it at the site that juice box makes a powerful arm they don't even have to involve the utilities. That


great yeah, it is.


I want one can I fit it won't take too much in my backyard.


Not for footprint that Juicebox a little bit bigger for the hybrid solution but not much if you got 12 or


14 feet Got it. We've got you covered. Anytime Scott.


Where do you guys have? Where's your booth?


20 3080 that's


in another county. No, it's just a couple aisles over oh we're in 30 Whatever. Okay, well I got it


down for you so you don't have to walk it I


want I want to go by and I want to check it out. Is that acceptable? Can we do this is we do a little technology Sprint's we'll go on by we'll do a little video of perfect. You guys got go have a nice Is that doable? Yeah. Because we're just that good. Yeah. Plus, I'm still trying to apply for a package for my house.


I know we have a little event going on at two o'clock saying stop buying outdoors.


Yeah, there you go. All right, guys. How do they get a hold of you? Well, I've got to get a hold of Yes, pretty much. I've got your card, so I know how to get a hold of them. I don't know how to get a hold of Scott because he doesn't have a car.


You get a hold of me at 844 kilowatt.


Love that. isn't really. That's pretty cool, right? Oh, yeah. Just look me up on LinkedIn. I'm the only LinkedIn. Yeah, that's right. Brian Brian Kwok qu o CK. And a Come on down.


We're gonna say your name stands for Alliance North America. Here you go. You it was an acronym for something like Alliance you already have. Oh, all right. We're gonna wrap it up on the other side. These two gems were absolutely wonderful. We're going to have all the contact information for Brian and Scott out on Industrial Talk. Their LinkedIn stack card link will be there. So you will be able to connect with these two gents with no, no problem. All right. Once again, we're broadcasting from power Gen here in New Orleans.


Thank you, Scott. Oh,


thank you. Thank you.


No, thank you. No,


we're gonna wrap it up


grace for sending me over.


We're gonna wrap it up on the OSI so stay tuned, we will be right back.


You're listening to the Industrial Talk Podcast Network.


Bryan, and Scott knocking it out of the park I want I want to make sure that we're clear on something. The combined solution is called Of course, the energy boss. And then the individual that Scott was talking about is juice box. So just keep that in mind. The collaboration effort is energy boss, which I was very fortunate went over to their their booth. And it's a tight package. It's clean state. Great solution. Check them out. Well just go to Industrial Talk and check them out. All right. Put PowerGen on your calendar. Great event. Great people like those two gents. Reach out to them. Connect find out more. Building a platform building an ecosystem that is dedicated you're the hero in this story, be a part of this ever expanding ecosystem we do shows all the time we contact we would just do it so be a part of it. Be bold, be brave Daring Greatly hang out with these two gents changed the world. We're gonna have another great conversation shortly. Stay tuned.

On this episode of Industrial Talk, we're onsite at PowerGen and talking to Brian Quock with ANA and Scott Mook with Evergreen Mobile Power about delivering mobile hybrid generation solutions. 
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