Dan Anderson with World Partners in Asset Management

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Dan Anderson, Director with World Partners of Asset Management about “Enabling individuals and organizations to develop, assess and recognize competence in Asset Management”.  Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Industrial IoT security and its benefits. 0:00
    • Palo Alto Networks offers industrial IoT security solutions with ROI and complexity reduction.
  • Asset management certification and exams. 2:25
    • Dan discusses their role with the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management, providing certification exams for ISO 55,000.
    • Dan Anderson discusses his experience in maintenance and reliability, including his progression from Data Stream to WPI M.
  • Asset investment planning and prioritization using Copperleaf software. 5:46
    • Copperleaf helps organizations prioritize asset investments through a risk-based approach and value framework.
    • Copperleaf's software uses an optimization engine to help organizations prioritize and reoptimize their capital plans in response to budget reductions or other changes.
    • The software's algorithm allows users to defer or reprioritize projects based on their criticality and budget constraints, providing a more efficient and effective capital planning process.
  • Asset management software and its benefits. 11:13
    • Scott MacKenzie and Dan discuss the importance of creating a defensible plan for highly regulated industries, such as energy, using software like Copperleaf.
    • The software helps remove personal biases and prioritize investments based on safety and regulatory requirements, creating a more objective and efficient capital planning process.
    • Dan Anderson, director of World Partners in Asset Management, discusses asset management and collaboration on industrial talk podcast.

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Welcome to the Industrial Talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge Industry Focus innovations and trends while highlighting the many women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's get


around once again, welcome to Industrial Talk, thank you very much for joining the number one industry related podcast in the universe backed up by data that celebrates just did you get that I can go out there and celebrates industry professionals all around the world. Because you're bold, brave, you dare greatly you innovate. You are changing lives, and therefore you are changing the world. That's why we celebrate you on this galactic podcast for industrial professionals right here. And we are broadcasting from SMRP 31, 31 years of providing incredible insights and solutions for the members go to SMRP.org. For more information, do not miss out if you want to get into the world of maintenance. And if you want to get in the world of asset management, if you want to get a world of reliability. SMRP.org is the place to hang out and make that a priority. He's a legend. He's been on the podcast before. He's got a common voice. As my wife would say, Dan Anderson Copperleaf is the company. Let's get cracking.


It's an honor and a privilege here, Scott. It's always an honor to be back here with you guys.


It's always great to have you LISTEN to His voice. Two guys, just


silky smooth. Should we sing together?


I don't know. If we can harmonize. It'd be great in bass. So with that said, now you're over here, just FYI, he's not here with Copperleaf. But you're representing some other companies?


That's right. I'm newly involved with the world partners and asset management.


That's that's pretty galactic world? Because next one would be universe. Yeah. Galaxy universe.


So well, no, it's the global forum for maintenance and asset management's step higher than that. So it's, it's one of my roles with the board of directors here with SMRP.


What what's what is the role of it? I mean, what what is that, that that? Or what is that


they provide the camera exam, which is the certified Asset Management assessors exam, which comes in and allows folks to get additional credibility when it comes to ISO 55,000. Yeah, and maybe come in and do internal audits or external audits for their organization, just an added layer of credibility. And that's what WPI M focuses in on is providing that that exam for folks out there an additional certification along with the IAM SMR SC MRP.


is so I can go out to SMRP and find out more do I have to go directly to another website?


No, we can get right off the website. I mean, we've got additional discounts, you know, if you are a WPI M member and you know, looking to get your SMRP membership or just get a dish dounce discounts on the certification exams, there's a lot of offerings out there as


well make sense. All right. Let's talk a little bit about what for see a jump right into it. I'm I know who you are, but there are some people that do not know who you are. Give us a little background.


Yeah. So Dan Anderson, and I've been working in maintenance and reliability for months since the inception of my career, you know, started off with data stream systems, a lot of people notice him for nowadays.


Now went to it's not just in for data stream in for and now it's actually gone.


Yeah. So the progression of that company and I started with data stream and I was like, 32 employees and lose their first associate consultant route and round tool cribs. And so you know this, you know, some of the people we know. Yeah, a lot of people here, a lot of people here. So great to come back here to the SMRP annual conference people are so yes, it's just like an old family. It's great. There's


such a collegial feel everybody wants to help out and everybody. They're willing to solve problems. There's really it's a very nice, no, it's good. Okay, it's all positive. There's nothing, nothing negative. All right. Let's talk a little bit about what you want to talk about. That's asset investment planning level set for us what that is.


Okay, so you get all this data here? Yeah, you collect him through APM systems, em systems, we house the data. And you know, what asset investment planning is really focusing in on is, is helping people to make more informed decisions when they're building a capital plan. Right? So these organizations are building out 510 15 year long capital plans, and why did they make these investments? Why did they the OP to, you know, replace this boiler, rather than refer this boiler? And why did they do it, you know, this year rather than five years out? And so what Copperleaf does is it really helps folks to understand through a risk based approach and a value framework of how to prioritize their spending. And that could be on, you know, non asset related projects can be on asset related projects. But, you know, for all intensive purposes, if we're looking at assets, you know, why did you make that decision to defer replacing that generator, let's say rather than, you know, refurbish that generator and defend it to be able to defend it to regulators?


Yeah. See, that's the key is to be able to defend it, you know, that you might be able to make the decision saying, Hey, okay, let's do further maintenance on that particular gentleman. Okay. Let's defer these. But, but it goes beyond the financial side of it, there's got to be some more analytics, some more thinking into why that was deferred.




And, and, and that goes with anything. So you create that framework. Take us through us a scenario of


that. That evaluation? Okay. Well, we had Copperleaf, use a, you know, we realized, so you had Johnny on the podcast earlier. You know, Accenture is one of our partners, Black and Veatch. PwC are some of our primary partners, and we rely on these consultants that come in and do these, you know, business transformations, you know, within an organization. And if they start focusing in on the asset side of things, and start looking at, you know, an asset maturity assessment, Well, historically, this type of work has been done on spreadsheets, and spreadsheets are kind of limited in their capabilities, right? You can do 1020 assets. But if you're looking at your whole,


the holy grail of how many Excel spreadsheets exist out there,


do you want like 800 spreadsheets that are limited and don't allow you to get a good representation of, you know, because these organizations that work with these manufacturing organizations have hundreds 1000s of assets, you know, 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of assets out there in production, and to be able to get a good view of the health within those assets. But then also, do I need to invest in that asset? And if you asked a critical question just then is, how do I build that value framework? And that's what our, you know, our partners help us do this with Copperleaf does as well, too. You know, we can come in there and help you to assess, you know, within the organization, what are the priorities, you know, for example, here, Scott, if Pacific Gas and Electric, well, they have a lot of forest fires out there. And so forest fire, being able to prevent that, and put that a priority on forest fires is much higher in nature than a Duke, who's here on the East Coast and doesn't really have to work with at lunch, you know, then those are basically scored. And you get a good idea of not only just budgetary measures and how long it takes, but, you know, regulatory compliance, safety measures, you know, a lot of different variables that should go into your decision making when you're looking to really do what's best for the company.


So I go through that process. I look at my asset base, from you know, from my criticality, this is high, this is low and everything in between. do you how do you paint that picture? And how do you make it easy and approachable for me to say, Oh, ha, like, get it? Yeah, and I and And I don't have to me personally dig any, I don't have to do any digging, I get it. It's It's obvious. And it's telling me that defer invest whatever, whatever the criteria, how do you how do you display that? Okay, so


the I think the the secret sauce with Copperleaf is that, you know, a lot of organizations out there and get a list of projects they need to take care of during the year, right, the putting together capital plan for five years out. And you're looking at all these different projects, but the secret sauce with Copperleaf comes into the optimization engine. So these PPM tools out there will allow you to really look at your list of projects, the optimization engine that's built into Copperleaf says, Okay, I can defer this one out five years, or I had a 10% budget reduction, what how do I deal with that now with all these projects I have in the pipeline. And so you can build in these reductions, budget reductions, and really kind of look at your plan, you can re optimize the plan. So that project that had high priority, maybe today, has now fallen off to the wayside. So it's the it's the algorithm that's built into the software that allows you to do that it can you do,


can you run? what if scenarios, let's say can you start? What if this? What if that, let's dial it in, let's get it to the point where everybody is shaking their head in the right direction, saying yeah, that's that's yet and lock it in,


you certainly can do that. So that's one of the key features of that as well, too. And then you can work in projects to so you don't have the project moving out five years, you knew that your transformers that are in the forest are going to be high safety risks, if I'm Pacific Gas Electric, for example, right. And I need to I need to have safety's number one priority here. And so I want to lock in those, there's no moving around those project dates, and I don't want to delay those, those will be done immediately. And if that's an executive level decision, and those can certainly be locked into the software,


I would imagine that as we implement a solution like that, there's a lot of heavy lifting in the beginning. But then as you continue to go, it makes it easier for subsequent investment decisions as you keep on just honing and honing and honing. And it just keeps on building a better, better solution or better investment plan. Right? Yeah, it just keeps getting


better. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Duke Energy uses our software. And a lot of times they'll run these optimization engine, CIP, I mean, hundreds of times, you know, just to get their most optimal plan in place. Yeah, it's pretty cool. It's much different. You know, being from the reliability background, we've talked before about, you know, effective adult learning and reliability, excellence and cultural transformation, all this stuff. So being back on the software side of the fence is definitely a transition. Yeah,


but it makes sense. And because everybody, and I mean, every industry out there, does a capital plan. Yeah, tries to figure out and, and I would imagine it, it removes that personal feeling. That's my motor. That's my favorite motor. And that's the priority of that motor.


And you get it. I mean, it doesn't come down to who has the most highest political influence, or the loudest voice in the room. And a lot of times, like, if you've been involved in capital planning, that's what happens is


that one person who has the street cred that has no that motors most important and everybody just shakes her head and another scene, I like that removing that, from from the conversation is, is very


powerful. Yeah, creating a defensible plan for highly regulated industries. That's primarily our focus at Copperleaf.


I kinda like it. I kind of like it a lot. Did you were you've never disappoint. I like it.


Thank you.


How did they get ahold of you?


You can find me. I serve on this more people to directors on LinkedIn. Call me at any time. Or to D. Anderson at Copper leaf.com.


Currently, it's a pretty cool. I mean, you get the logo. I get a logo. It's a copper leaf. Exactly. It's Canadian. Is it really? Yeah, of course. All right. Thank you very much, Dan. You're absolutely spectacular.


Thank you, Scott. My pleasure. All right, listeners. We're


gonna wrap it up on the other side, we're going to have all the contact information for Dan So fear not, you'll be able to contact him with no problem. You're pretty active on LinkedIn. I am. We're broadcasting from SMRP 31. If you're not here, you're missing out and then put on SMRP 32. For next year, make that happen. Get engaged, get involved, go to SMRP.org you will not be disappointed. You get to make people like Dan. He's on the board of directors. All right, we're gonna wrap it up on the other side. Stay tuned, we'll be right back.


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Yep. Dan knows what he's talking about. Dan understands Asset Management like nobody else. He is amazing. Check him out, we have his stat card out on Industrial Talk. He's the director of world partners in asset management. And if you're in the world of asset management, yep. Yep. Your call to action is connecting with Dan as well as looking into world partners in asset management as well as SMRP. Go out to SMRP.org Find out more Most definitely. Again, we preach education, collaboration, and innovation on Industrial Talk. That's what this platform is all about. You get to you get to collaborate with Dan, you get to collaborate with all of the individuals that are out there in the ecosystem of Industrial Talk. We have a ton of and I mean a ton of great information and content out there. Therefore, check it out. Be bold, be brave, dare greatly hang out with and change the world and we're gonna have another great conversation shortly. So stay tuned.

Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Dan Anderson, Director with World Partners of Asset Management about "Enabling individuals and organizations to develop, assess and recognize competence in Asset Management"
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