Industrial Leadership: Is It Ever Enough?

Scott MacKenzie Discusses Is It Ever Enough?

Is It Ever Enough?

As an Industrial Leader, ask this question: “Is It Ever Enough?” Do you Stop helping your Industrial Customer or Prospect to Succeed? Listen to this episode of The Industrial Talk Podcast and realize It Is Never Enough to help your Industrial Customer or Prospect to Succeed!

Podcast Transcript:

[00:01]                                    The industrial talk podcast GO-BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial market. Well, welcome to the Industrial Talk Podcast. My name is Scott MacKenzie, so glad that you are here. Thank you very much for joining. Let's get going. I hope you're having a great day.

[00:19]                                    We're going to talk a little bit about is it ever enough, is it ever enough, but before we go through that, I want to make sure that you understand that you've got some resources that you've got to try to look into and that's ActiveCampaign CRM that's important for your communication to your customers as well as BombBomb, BombBomb, and brings out that personal component to your email. It's a video email. I use it all the time. It's a fantastic tool. And then of course you could go to industrial you could go to the Industrial Academy and you can find courses that are specific to your niche. And it's being taught by great professionals within the industrial world as well as the Industrial Dojo. And that is really focused on Industrial Marketing, Industrial Sales, Industrial Leadership, and Building Your Market. So those are some resources that you need to consider.

[01:07]                                    So what we're going to be talking today is about, is it ever enough now, over the past weeks we've been talking a little bit about the sales associated with how you approach your customer or prospect and what's important. We talked about understanding your customer's passion before anything else. You have that conversation with your customer, what are they passionate about? And then we said, hey, as you go to the customer, you match up your passion with their passion, which is very important. And then of course, once you do that, you can't just show up in a, you know, a dirty, smelly sweat outfit. You've got that, uh, ability to, because people do judge a book by its cover. And so that's what's so important is that you've got a certain look. That part, I can't yet got to do it whether you like it or not yet got to do it and it is important.

[01:59]                                    And then then at that point we can demonstrate, we can demonstrate the fact that our solution or our service meets your needs, customer or prospect, and it satisfies whatever that pain point in it is. It is for your success. So that's where we're at. And then finally, the mental side, we're talking specifically about UBS, that industrial sidekick, that individual that supports your hero, which is your customer or prospect and what they want and what they need. And you provide the solutions that they need because you are the industrial sidekick for the your hero, which is your customer and your prospect. Now let's talk about, is it ever enough? So when I, when we go through the stuff and I look at it, do you ever think that, okay, I'm there, I've done it. I've, I've reached my point of success or, uh, I don't need to improve or whatever it might be.

[02:59]                                    Do you ever get to that point? And I, for me, for me, I asked that question and I had a conversation with some, some of the people that are influential in my career because you're also wanting mentors. I said, is it ever enough? Is it, do I ever get to the point where it's satisfying and there might be a satisfaction. But once again, it is never enough. You are here to help your customer, your prospect succeed. You are here to solve a problem for your customer or prospect. And so it's really never enough. So once you do that one time, you're looking for that other opportunity to be able to help your customer succeed. You have limited time, you can never get it back and you know you have one life, you can never get it back. So there was no reason for you to ever consider that it's ever enough to serve your customer, to help your prospect with ever the whatever the problem might be.

[04:10]                                    It's vitally important because the reality is you can't just walk away and say that here it is. Here's your service, here's your, you know, product. And then walk away. It happens, but we're not. We're not about that. Here at industrial talk, we're always about 100% service to you, your customer, your prospect, and their success. Does that make sense? It's never enough, so if you think it's enough, you're fooling yourself. You don't want to because that is the realities of what we are talking about. It has never enough. You always think about your customer because you are the sidekick and you're always thinking about your customer and their needs and what they need to help them overcome. Any challenges or problems with your solution or product. I think it's pretty straight forward and it's going to be quick because that's what we're all about here. I'm not. I'm respecting your time because it's important for you too, so get out there. It's never enough so you need to,

[05:18]                                    I think that you are the solution. You are the industrial sidekick for your customer and you're designing a solution for them to solve their problems. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. You have a great day. I will be here tomorrow. We're going to be talking more about sales, marketing, branding, specifically within an industrial flavor. So thank you very much. Have a great day. Appreciate your time. Safe.


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