Industrial Sales: Demonstration (Show)

OK, we now understand our Customer's Passion. We have aligned our Customer's Passion with Our Passion. We understand that it's important to look the part. Now let's Demonstrate (Show) our Prospects that we are Specialist in solving problems, Knowledgeable at solving problems and we are grounded in Trustworthiness. GO-BIG and Demonstrate our understanding of what our Customer needs.

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[00:01]                                    The industrial talk podcast GO-BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial market. Hello there and welcome to the industrial thought podcast. I am so glad that you are here. Let's get started. I hope your day is going well. Mine's warm out there. Does that look back? It is. It's more,

[00:23]                                    sorry about you guys up in the north if it's not anyway. Okay, I want to make sure that you understand. You can always get a contact with uh, with me through Industrial Talk that's industrial I'm here for you. I'm here to help and all of these series, this, this GO-BIG series will be in the Industrial Dojo and that is So that's where we're at and we're going to make sure that in everything is linked out there so you will not miss it. So you can always go back, listen, do it again. Listen again, I'm always interested in your feedback. Okay, we're getting ready to sort of, you know, we're always always talking about the sales and marketing and branding and, and how do we, how do we succeed at that from an industrial point of view. And A, we've been talking a lot about, and I'm looking over here, if you're on the video, I'm looking over at my other screen here.

[01:18]                                    So we've talked about it. We started out really with the, what is your offer? But it's, it's one thing to just say, hey, this is what I got. It doesn't work that way. You've got to really begin to develop that a relationship with your customer prospect. So we talked about what is your customer's passion and, and that is the, the want, the fears, the what I'm for one, I'm against and having that meaningful conversation because you've got to understand what they're all about. And then you take that information and then you align it. You align your values with your customer's values or their passion. And what you'll find is that maybe sometimes a customer is not a good customer because those things don't align. Now they might find some other success through another provider of services, but they don't align with you. And you don't want customers that don't align with you.

[02:11]                                    I've just, you know, I've done it. I've accepted customers that do not align with my values and it falls apart. It causes a lot of problems. There's no mutual effort to try to be, you give them the success that they so deserve. And then so you've got that, you've got that heart, you're dealing with that heart element, and, and now you're gonna, you're not gonna walk in and say, hi, I'm, I'm Scott MacKenzie and I'm, and I'm going to have my stinky sweats on and I just came from the gym. And that, that whole people do judge you, right? They're judging a book by its cover that happens. And then all of the stuff that you've done is just for not because they're going to say, well that's that guy. He doesn't care. She doesn't care. And all of that great conversation, we have it. It's not founded in integrity.

[03:05]                                    It makes sense. So now we're going to talk about a little bit of demonstration. Now that we've got all of that, we got the pack, we've got that, uh, you know, relationship that we're building on, right? Um, we're going to talk a little bit about how you show that demonstrate and we're talking about how you demonstrate that you're a specialist, that you're knowledgeable and you're trustworthy, which is important, right? And the way I, I always do, because fear, whether you like it or not, and I had you seen it on commercials. They sell fear. And because fear is very powerful. And I'll share with you a little story because what you're going to do is you're going to say, okay, I understand your fear because we've had this conversation and I'm able to digest it. And here is a story of an, a demonstration. And how I show you how I understand your fear.

[03:58]                                    I'll give you an example. Okay. Uh, my other company leaves services is an industrial maintenance company. I wanted to gain some attention. I wanted to market because without marketing, you're not selling. Without that ability to be able to gain attention. You're not going to cut some deals unless somebody says word of mouth, which is very powerful. That's another whole conversation view. You, you've gotta be able to bring people to that sales opportunity. So I go out, I invest in print, and that's both, you know, uh, magazines as well as let's say billboards and I spent a lot of money, but prior to that decision to spend that money, I had the fear. My fear was I'm not going to get any results from this. First off, I don't know really what I'm doing. So I didn't, I didn't do my part to understand exactly. All I knew is that, wow, that's a heck of a lot of money to do that.

[04:57]                                    And so, you know, through whatever decision-making process I came to, I made the decision and I met and we did it. You know what the biggest problem was? Nothing happened, no results. Uh, the, I couldn't tell if the message was resonating. Clearly it wasn't, I couldn't see if that people were seeing the article. Clearly it wasn't. And so there was just a frustration. And the third element of that was, I can't change it, man. That thing is locked in. So if somebody comes to me and said, Scott, I'm, I'm nervous about Xyz, I can come up with the UN. I, I've been there, done that. Here's my story. This is why I know and understand your fear and this is what I recommend or this is what my, my knowledge of that or my trustworthiness or my specialty. I understand what you're saying. And that's real important because if you're not addressing, if you're not addressing that fear, if you're not actively saying, okay, I understand and come from that perspective, it's going to be a difficult, difficult sell. It's going to be difficult because there's still, it's not like I don't understand that you understand my fears because once again, it's all about your customer, their success. That's bottom line. Okay. I think that that's pretty clear. I don't know. So you understand your customers

[06:21]                                    wants, right? Their wants, their fears, what they're for, what they're gans. You align it. You come in with a package that's not a bunch of sweats. You don't stank. You look good. And now you demonstrate it because you've been there, done that because you had the conversation. You are positioning yourself for closing and, and expanding and growing, and really once again, being able to provide the valued service that your customer, your prospect deserves. And then you continue to build on that, right? No. Like trust. You demonstrate your caring, develop that friendship. You're unstoppable. Hey, thank you very much. Go out to industrial find out more about [inaudible]. Contact me. I am an open book. I want you to be a success. Have a wonderful day and thank you. And Be Safe

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