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Industrial Sales requires that you look at your Customer or Prospect as the Hero in your story. That means your Hero has a Nemesis. This Nemesis is trying to prevent your Hero from Succeeding. You are your Hero's Sidekick. You are dedicated to helping your Hero Succeed and defeat their Nemesis. You provide your Hero with Solutions, Tools and Marketing Information to defeat their Nemesis. You are 100% dedicated to your Hero's Success!

Industrial Resources:

ActiveCampaign – Customer Relationship Management Solution

BombBomb – Video Email Solution

Industrial Academy – Industrial Courses dedicated to your Industrial Success

Industrial Dojo – More Industrial Content dedicated to your Industrial Success

Podcast Transcript:

[00:01]                                    The industrial talk podcast GO BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial market. Welcome to the industry to talk podcast. So glad that you are here. Thank you very much. My name is Scott Mackenzie. Let's get going. I hope you're having a great day.

[00:19]                                    Here's some information. Here is something that you need to be aware of. You know, industry innovates, it innovates and changes the world and people's life. That's exactly what happens, but you know what? Industry is a collection of people and therefore people within industry changes the world and changes people's lives. Thank you very much. We are 100% dedicated to you and your success as an industrial professional and so we're not going to back off on that one bit. You need the tools so let's get right into it. Here it is the you need the tools to help your customers succeed. That is a bottom line fact and you need tools to be able to make sure that you are communicating and connecting with your customers and prospects. You've heard me talk about it. You need to look at at uh, ActiveCampaign CRM, fantastic tool, fantastic people and BombBomb.

[01:22]                                    Same thing if you want to communicate your thoughts, you want to bring in that human element into your communication with your customer, your prospect, they have Bob. Bob's a way to go look very powerful, very uh, very good tool. And then of course we're all about education because they can't take that away from you and you need to continue to educate because this world, this industry is changing rapidly. You need to stay on top of everything that you can possibly stay on top of within the industry. And that's why we've got the Industrial Academy as well as the Industrial Dojo dedicated to you, information content specific to you, the professional to grow to be the best you possibly can be. Check it out. Fantastic information highlighting great people. All right, we're going to be talking about Industrial Sidekick, okay? Think about this. Every, every story there's a hero and there is a villain or nemesis and then in between, in between is that sidekick.

[02:33]                                    And I want to make sure that you plant this seed on your brain because we hear where your sidekick, you are the sidekick to your customer. Who are the heroes. They're the heroes in your story. Customer, prospect hero. They've got a nemesis. Their pain, their problem, their challenge that nemesis, whatever might be, you're there as their sidekick. You take the back seat, but you do a lot of things for them. What you do is you provide solutions. You're always thinking, you're always looking. You're always out there trying to figure out the best possible solution for your customer or prospect. That is reality. Plant that seed. You're a psychic. The second thing is you provide tools. You're out there looking around for solutions and you realize that's a tool that my customer, a k a hero needs and I'm going to learn everything I can about that tool to help my hero be successful against that nemesis or that problem, that challenge that whatever it is, okay, and then you're going to make them successful.

[03:57]                                    You're going to provide them with information because you never stop because you are that industrial sidekick to your customer. To your prospect to make them the hero and successful and to defeat their nemesis. Think of Batman. There's Robin now, I don't know too much about superman, but he had an emesis, Lex Luther, and there's always that nemesis that needs to be dealt with from your hero's perspective. So I want you as an industrial professional to realize that you are the sidekick. You want your hero, the person you support that customer, that prospect to be successful no matter what, no matter whatever comes to Brown to it, that is your role. You are the sidekick, and you provide solutions and tools and market information for your hero, your client, your customer, your prospect to defeat that nemesis, whatever it might be, that enemy that is preventing your customer to succeed. Makes Sense. I like it. So anyway, you know you can always get ahold of me any way, shape or form. Go to industrial Reach out to me. I want to be your sidekick and help you succeed in any way, shape I can because you mean that much to me. Oh, you always do. I really enjoy it. Boy, this

[05:46]                   Industrial Sales, Industrial Marketing, Industrial Branding. That's what we're all about. We want you to be a success in everything that you do. We are your industrial sidekick. Reach out to me Thank you very much for Joining. You have a wonderful day and as always be safe.


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