Industrial Sales – Judging A Book By Its Cover!

The fact is, we all Judge a Book By Its Cover. When I buy a bottle of Wine, I look at the label… If the label is cool and attractive, I'm more inclined to purchase. Conversely, if the label is not attractive, I'm not going to purchase unless someone recommends. Your interaction with your Customer or Prospect is the same. Just accept the fact that we all make an evaluation to engage by the initial contact, let's make it powerful and come with a cool and attractive label.

Podcast Transcript:

[00:01]                                    The Industrial Talk Podcast GO-BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial margin.

[00:10]                                    All right, welcome. How are you doing? My name is Scott MacKenzie and you are joining the industry. We'll talk podcast. We're going to do something different today and this has go hurt, this lie. And I'm using a platform called the Belive TV. Let's see how this works. Try to do more [inaudible] and compounding digital compounding. Get more out of your, your I guess, your content. And if you can sit there and I see what I'll do is I'll take this video and I'll be able to put it into my Camtasia software and then all of extract the, the information out of it and create the podcast. Have the video uploaded. So just from this particular thing, this be live, a Facebook live event. This is what I do. So it's just something else. I'm gonna reach over here and grab this camera real quick because I want to be able to have that lined up a little bit better because I can, so anyway, that's what we're doing.

[01:06]                                    I'm using be live and I've also got to mention that, uh, my email marketing platform is Active Campaign. Uh, it is a fantastic product. They are dedicated to you, the professional, no doubt important. Anyway, I'm going to be creating a landing page for that and you will have access to it. Okay enough with the frivolities, this is what we got. We've got judging a book by its cover. Now we've been building on this series, this go big series. This is go big series number 30, and you've got to go back and I'm looking over at the other computer here and you've got to go back and you've got to take a look at the others. It all builds. And if you're an industrial professional wanting to build a client base, if you want to build your market, if you want a brand, your your company, this is the podcast for you because this is what we are trying to do in the Go Big series.

[02:00]                                    So what we're going to talk a little bit about is it's, it's the demographics. It's, we've been talking a lot about the heart. We've been talking about how we line up the heart in the other series. Now we're just going to talk about, hey, we do, we do judge a book by its cover. We just do. So let's, let's talk a little bit about that. A surface level. It's talk a little bit about what that means, right? Whether you like it or not, whether you say how it has just shallow, that's something I guarantee it that you do. You do an ad, your prospects, your customers, they do too. Now it might be to some certain degree or another, but the reality is is that they're going to start, uh, docking and looking at you from the surface. That's the first thing that they look at.

[02:46]                                    That makes sense, right? I do the same thing. And so, um, in a positive way, of course not. Well, I do it and I do. So what we're talking a little bit about what you look like. So already said, Hey, we've aligned, we have aligned ourselves with uh, the, the, the, the likes and the fors and the against. We are aligning ourselves with that the customer or prospects view of what they do. We want to understand their wants and their fears, right? So that's what we're doing. But there's also, if I came up to them and I was dressed in my sweats and I just got done working out and I'm already ugly as you can tell, uh, there's going to be a question of what that might be, right? So the reality is is that we have to have enough respect for that prospect, for your customer to be able to say, yeah, okay, I am engaged.

[03:44]                                    You mean enough to me? You are important to me and I'm going to look that part. It is what you wear, the appearance, the language. Those are all components associated with what that looked like. That's your package, whether you like it or not. And once again, if I come to you and I'm dressed in my, you know, ratty old sweats and I just got done working out and this is the, you know, the seventh day that I've wore those sweats and I worked out, I'm not smelling too good. And I guarantee you there is a decision do you think my prospect or company wants or a customer wants to do with me? So let's, let's just remember it is what it is. We do judge a book by its color and definitely this is a reality. Okay, so let's talk a little bit about image, what that looked like.

[04:37]                                    Okay, so we've got the look alike. How do we present ourselves? Do we have that sense of confidence? Uh, W W W do we exude the values that we spoke about in prior podcasts? Those are all very important components associated with that, that we have to have that demonstration of, of what we are, right? It's all apart. You just can't go in there and wing it. You've got to be very sensitive and cognitive of that reality. Okay. And this is a big one and this is a big one for me and it should be a big one for you. And that is who do you associate with? Okay? Uh, the reality is if I associate, if I associate with individuals that are, well, you know, questionable and character, they are known around town. And, uh, but I do because, well we've been friends for the, you know, um, for many years. The reality is the reality is that that appearance does impact that whole package, right? It just does. And, and for me and for many you want to associate with individuals of that are clearly desiring to make you a better person. Bottom line. Right. It makes sense. That is a no brainer. So just when we wrap this up, because we are quick, right? We are very quick.

[06:09]                                    So when we start to talk a little bit about surface, we've already talked about the heart, talk about the heart in the prior podcasts. Now we're talking about data. We do judge a book by its cover and you need to be aware of that. Okay? Take, make sure you look right. We do judge, we've got the image and we associate with the right people. Associate with me, go to industrial Connect with me, I'll connect with you and we'll just do the best we possibly can. Thank you very much for joining the industry. We'll talk podcast. Hopefully that was six minutes. Dot. O and m. So take care of guys, be safe.

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