Mr. Soma discussing the powerful strategic vision of Infor and its technology platform.

Live from Inforum 2019, Energizing EAM Podcast interviews Soma Somasundaram, President and CTO at Infor. In this interview, Soma discusses how Infor is at the cutting edge of enterprise technology and how this passion for innovation will transform how industry will succeed today and in the future! Find out more about Soma and Infor by the links below. Also, get your free InforEAM Toolkit and exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy. Both links designed for keeping you current in a rapidly changing Industrial Market. Enjoy!



Infor EAM: All you need to know about InforEAM


Click on the InforEAM Toolkit picture above and receive the following “Must Have” EAM reports:

  1. 7 Steps for implementing reliability-based maintenance
  2. 10 steps toward a paperless operation with mobile EAM checklist
  3. Asset intensive industries, finding the straightest path to the cloud
  4. EAM vs CMMS, don't get fooled
  5. Infor EAM Brochure
  6. Infor EAM Overview
  7. 9 fleet management challenges and how to resolve

Industrial Academy (One Month Free Access and One Free Licence for Future Industrial Leader):

Podcast Video:

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