Why You Need To Podcast – My Why and Find Your Why!

In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we are starting a new series about Why You Need To Podcast! It is truly not a matter of debate. You need to include Podcasting as a vital platform for improving Sales, Marketing, Branding and humanizing your digital content. In this episode we begin with my “Why”. Why I started industrial podcasting and the positive impact it has had on my business. You can do this, you have to do this to increase opportunities and sales for ongoing future success. Find your podcast “Why” in this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast.


00:02                                    Scott MacKenzie, and you're saying to yourself, Hey Scott, where is the intro to the industrial talk podcast? Well, this is a series and it's actually on the topic of why you need to do podcasting. Either you bring it in house and you figure out how to do it, or you find somebody to do it for you. But either way, you need to figure out how to begin bringing podcasting the powerful platform that it is into your sales and marketing and branding strategies, not just for 2020 but on into the future. It's, it's, it's just a medium that will be around for a long time. And if you're not in the game, somebody is going to be in the game and they're going to take advantage of it and, and, and, and you're going to be left out in the cold. So I've had a number of people I've done over, geez, 500 plus podcasts of just great professionals and many have asked me why I'm doing podcasts.

00:56                                    You know, man, he want to know my story of wow, I got into podcasting and, and if you are a listener of the industrial talk podcast, you'll know my story. But if you're not, and if this is the first time you've heard this, uh, I'm going to tell you this story. These are going to be videos. They're going to be 10 minutes or less and they're going to come on out all the time. And we're just trying to make sure that you are successful in your efforts in 2020 to leverage the power of podcasting and how, um, how I approach it and how you can approach it. And I'm here to help any way shape I can. So once again, 10 minutes or less, these are going to be videos. And, and today I'm going to be talking about why, why I got started and, and, and how it has evolved.

01:41                                    So what happened is I spent a lot of money, spent them on a lot of money, on the traditional stuff. I was doing digital stuff, but I was also doing some um, print and the typical at that time, typical, um, advertising. And you know what? I got for it after spending a lot of money, nothing. And I had a serious lesson that I learned that it is, uh, the, the death rate that exists within the Tricia traditional print is rapid. It gets out there, it dies and there's no way of being able to bring in or see what happens or if the message is resonating, there is a ton of problems. So I was coming back from a client and I said, and I was listening to a podcast and I said, doc, got it. I can do that. I just needed, I just wanted to change the conversation.

02:31                                    I had no plans of anything beyond that. I just wanted to be able to change the plan, approach a client and say, Hey, would you be willing to get on the podcast and talk about positive things and help the listeners be better at what they're doing? It was truly an other focus platform to be able to provide valuable content, tactical, valuable content for you, the listener. And it was, and during that I just said, I'm getting to know these guys and they make decisions and it's a real win win for everybody all around. And it opened up opportunities for sales, marketing, and branding and, and, uh, just, just multiple opportunities. And I said, boy, this is, this is a pretty powerful platform. This is, this is exciting stuff. And, and as a, as you fast forward, as you go forward in time, I realized that we in the industry need to begin to bring this powerful platform into our portfolio of marketing, sales, branding solutions.

03:38                                    And it's not that difficult. And in this, in this series, you'll see how I, you know, you slice it and dice it and create content and why and how the opportunities are missing. Just know that, that there's a best interest here and I want you to be successful. And, and, and for me to just sit back and just say, okay, I do podcasting and that's, that's just not me. And I want it. I want to share with you why. Okay, so if you are looking at this on a video, because it is out there, I'm gonna shift to a slide. And on that slide you'll see, and I'll try to be as communicative, the communicated as I possibly can, but I would, I highly recommend that you go out to industrial talk.com and find this series and you'll see the platform. And then of course I'm going to have the links in it.

04:27                                    You're not going to be left out alone here. But what you'll see is you'll see a slide. And I said, okay, what is my why? Why do I want to do this? And I and I went through this process. And you need to do the same thing. It's this is an industrial platform. You have to think about a platform that you can create that is in it. It creates a bond between you, your customers, your partners, your, your even your prospects. So it's simple. If I'm talking to you and you're on the podcast, we're creating a bond, right? It's, it's, it's spectacular. And I and I, I did not realize that when I went down this road. So it's, it's a really a great bond creating situation. It is a really valuable, this podcast, once it's produced, it's a valuable sales, marketing, branding asset. It's an asset and look at it as an asset and you can take that content, slice dice and do everything you possibly can with that particular product, that asset, it is all about the other.

05:35                                    It helps others, right? It is truly a helpful, beneficial marketing sales solution. It is also, you know, everybody saw, it talks about [inaudible], how do I create content? How do I, and you sit down and you adapt your computer and you start plugging away at trying to create, it's hard. Here is a platform that I can communicate, create content, slice it up, transcribe it, get it out there. I could create blogs, I can do everything from this individual podcast and I'm just, this is why I do this. It's about attention. It's about marketing, it's about sales. But more importantly branding, but very Mo, more importantly, is about the value it brings to your customers, your partners. And your prospects, they like it. It's important people like doing them. It also gains in that conversation. In this back and forth, it gains market intelligence. You truly hear from your prospects, from your customers, from internal extra, it doesn't really matter what are some of the market challenges, what are the behaviors that are taking place in the market and it also creates a platform for digital compounding.

06:59                                    Okay, here's an example one, I do a podcast and I do a podcast for X, okay? And then I will promote that podcast. They will promote that podcast and if they have customers that are on that poker podcast, they will also promote and then that customer can promote it to their prospects. See, it has a compounding effect and you leverage, you leverage as much as you possibly can out of that one single podcast, but it doesn't stop there. And I, and I'm just telling you, I just realized this. Now I get to squeeze as much content and repurpose not just from a video. I could create snippets. I can do all of this stuff from this particular podcast that highlights the individual that highlights the value you're bringing and you know what? It helps people, it helps people to do their job better. Everybody, and I mean everybody wins and that's why you need to, no matter what.

08:06                                    It could be me, it could be others, it could be internal, it could be external, I don't care, but you need to really thoroughly that the necessity to bring in podcasting into your portfolio of your sales marketing, branding, and we're going to go into great detail on why that is important because we're just going to continue to just sort of granularity, but right now you need to do it and I just highly recommend this will be out there on industrial talk.com you need to look at it today, figure it out, contact me. I don't care. I will help you in any way, shape or form. You just need to do it. Thank you very much for joining the industrial talk abroad podcast people. Be brave. Dare greatly change the world. That's what we're all about. Look forward to talking to you. Where do you know what we're going to talk about next time? We're going to be talking about the old way, the old way of communicating. So thank you very much. Look forward to seeing you on the next series of why you need to podcast.



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