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"Mocana" means to set the connected world free. Mocana's Mission is to protect families, cities and countries by enabling devices of every kind to be trustworthy and run securely and freely.

Mocana Podcast strives to deliver, through digital media, the education and increased awareness necessary to equip its listeners with 21st century tools, ideas and applications. Mocana's mission to protect countries, cities and families will be thoroughly discussed and explained within very lively, inspiring and motivating interviews. Listeners will develop deeper understanding of Mocana's vital role in securing trustworthy devices for all sectors of industry and daily life because Mocana makes protection personal...its about YOU.

EP 024 Interview with Mr. Amir Ghannad

11/07/2017 |

Through “Spicy Coaching” Mr. Amir Ghannad, founder of The Ghannad Group and Author of The Transformative Leader, shares 3-foundational principles to Boldly Declare, Courageously Pursue and Abundantly Achieve the Extraordinary in your business and organizations! Find out more about Mr. Amir Ghannad:Website: http://www.amirghannad.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaghannad/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aa.ghannadTwitter: https://twitter.com/AmirGhannadThe post EP 024 Interview with Mr. Amir Ghannad appeared first on The Industrial Talk…

EP 023 Interview with Matt Ward

10/31/2017 |

DON'T DENY IT! We all procrastinate! We do the activities we like and avoid the activities we don't like! As a Professional Keynote Speaker and Founder of Breakthrough Champion, Matt Ward shares the 5-Traits of Procrastination and Strategies to become Breakthrough Champions in your Industrial Business and Professional career. Find out more about Mr. Matt Ward at: Website: http://www.breakthrough-champion.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breakthroughchampion/…

EP 022 Interview with Ms. Ria Story

10/24/2017 |
Ria Story

Industrial Talk is proud to interview Ms. Ria Story noted author of 9 Books, speaker and survivor. Ria shares with us the positive impact healthy “Curiosity” will have on your industrial business, organization and your personal life. Ria discusses the 4-major benefits of healthy “Curiosity” and how curiosity will transform your organizational mindset and propel your company to…

EP 021 Interview with Mr. John Grubbs

10/17/2017 |

What are the 3-questions companies need to recognize when managing through the apparent employment gap and an expanding millennial workforce. In a fantastic interview, Mr. John Grubbs explains with concrete specificity what organizations need to address in dealing with the realities of today's workforce and to meet the expanding demands of the market. Go to John's links below for…

EP 020 Interview with Mr. Mack “Sparky” Story

10/10/2017 |

If you are an Industrial Professional, Business Owner, Industrial Management, Front-Line Operations, Manufacturing or you just want to know more about Leadership; this Industrial Talk Podcast Episode is for you!  Mr. Mack Story, founder of Blue Collar Leadership and noted author of 11 books talks about the 3-Successful Blue Collar Leadership Principles that will springboard your industrial…


10/03/2017 |

If you are an Industrial Business Owner, Industrial Business Developer or a future Industrial Entrepreneur this Industrial Talk Podcast is for you! Mr. David Tolson, Managing Partner with Arete Advisors talks about the 3-Main Points of Financial Focus with any industrial business. Understanding these 3-points will set a Strong financial and operational foundation for success! – Enjoy!…

EP 018 Interview with Mr. John Stauffer

09/25/2017 |

If you are interested in the maritime profession, know the 3-key drivers of why this is a GREAT decision! In my interview with San Jacinto College Associate Vice Chancellor of Maritime Education Mr. John Stauffer we discuss the incredible training facility and the fantastic activities available to all students and Maritime professionals. Mr. Stauffer's team is committed to excellence…

EP 017 Interview with Ms. Mindy Nunez Airhart

09/12/2017 |

Find out the 3 non-negotiable activities for any industrial Business Development and Sales professional! Mindy Nunez Airhart – Director of Business Development with Southern Services and Equipment shares with our listeners the steps that have made her an incredible success as in industrial business developer. The post EP 017 Interview with Ms. Mindy Nunez Airhart appeared…

EP 016 Interview With Mr. Steve Reinharz

09/07/2017 |

Find out the 3-drivers for a sound plant wide security solution in my interview with the President and CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) Steve Reinharz. RAD uses the latest technology in AI and robotics to achieve their strategic vision for a safer plant wide security solution. The post EP 016 Interview With Mr. Steve Reinharz…

EP 015 Hurricane Harvey

08/28/2017 |

My interview with Mr. Dan Slattery with SafetyPro Resources on the immediate steps necessary for businesses to take when responding to a catastrophic event such as Hurricane Harvey. The post EP 015 Hurricane Harvey appeared first on The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie.

Mocana Events:

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Mocana has wonderful and informative webinars designed to equip you in the latest in all things Cyber.  This is a must part of you learning process!  Just simply CLICK HERE and begin learning about ways to protect your organization from Cyber Attacks.

Industrial Academy:

The world is changing fast! Industrial businesses are juggling every facet of business maintenance and growth, ranging from technological/digital media adaptations to cash flow management and operational efficiency challenges. How do industrial business leaders stay current while managing growth and casting vision for the future? The answers could be found in a learning environment, but never before has there been a place for continuing education in the industrial business arena. UNTIL NOW…

The INDUSTRIAL ACADEMY IS HERE. Finally there is a clearinghouse for all things industrial to assist the business leader. Course offerings provide up-to-date applicable information in business development, technology, finance, operations and leadership presented in an engaging, movement-oriented manner by those in the know. These professionals don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk with purpose and passion for building not just the industrial business but also the people who make things happen.

The Industrial Talk Podcast family looks forward to learning and growing with you!